Best robot cat: Zoomer Kitty robot cat

Zoomer Kitty Robot Cat Review

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Best robot cat: Zoomer Kitty robot cat

Zoomer Kitty is the most fun and cuddly robot cat you can buy today.

She knows how to play, purrs when you pet her – and she can even meow.

Our Impression: Zoomer Kitty Robot Cat


Great for:
● Kids too young to own a real cat.
● Homes where cats are not allowed.
● Anyone who wants to keep a kitty without the added work.

Avoid if:
Children are younger than 5


You know that feeling when your 5 year old keeps pestering you for a pet that you very well know will be left to you to take care of?

It’s a familiar situation for many parents. They’d love to get their kids a pet, but their kids are just far too young for such responsibility.

Or, perhaps you simply live in a building that bars you from having a pet.

Don’t despair, because Zoomer Kitty’s Whiskers is here to help you.

Whiskers looks more like a toy, but she acts a lot like a real cat: she’ll run across the room, meow when excited and purr when you pet her.

But since Whiskers is a robot, she does not need to be fed, does not need a litter box – nor do you need to take her to the vet.


Overall Impression

Zoomer Kitty motorized movement

As robot pets go, Zoomer Kitty is impressive.

She has plenty of tricks up her sleeve and never ceases to amaze with her intelligence.

She makes a good playmate and friend for kids. She will run with them, play with a ball and cuddle when everyone needs a rest.

One more thing you will love is that Whiskers comes in a reusable carrier tote. This means you can use it to carry her around when traveling.

Best Features

1. Adorable

Zoomer Kitty robot cat

There is no denying that Whiskers is one cute kitty. Your kids will fall in love at first sight.

This is the latest robot cat in the Zoomer Kitty series. Previous ones have come in different colors including blue, black and pink. Whiskers is mostly orange, giving her a lively and playful tabby cat appearance.

Her underside, tail tip and legs are white and the inside of her ears are pink.

Whiskers is also extremely popular, and is one of the hardest Zoomer Kittys to find on the market.

People are so enamored by her look that it has become the most sought after Zoomer Kitty.

2. Playfully Interactive

Zoomer Kitty Smart ball

There is never a boring moment with Whiskers. When it comes to playtime, she will keep your kids laughing and running.

She has wheels on her legs to allow her to zoom across the room during playtime.

Whiskers can also sing, dance, pounce and jump among many other secret tricks.

To see her pounce, use the smart ball that comes with the package. Using embedded sensors in the ball, Whiskers will do her best to jump after it.

When everyone is tired of playing, she goes off on her own adventures, exploring hidden corners of her environment.

3. Cuddly, too

If your kids just want to sit and relax, Whiskers is more than willing to put her playful ways aside for a while.

Touch her head and she will snuggle into your arm. Keep petting her head and ears and she will start purring in gratitude. The purrs feel so realistic that you may forget she is not a real cat.

Sensors in Whiskers’ cheeks, head and ears allow her to sense your touch and respond to it. But that explanation is just for you.

To the kids, the kitty is purring and snuggling because she really loves their petting.

4. Intelligent & Expressive

Whiskers comes with realistic behavior powered by a combination of sensors and intelligent software.  She can see, too.

Whiskers has vision sensors that allows her to explore her environment and follow your movements. You will notice she’ll turn her head when you move your hand in front of her face.

Another intelligent feature is the ability to tell you what she is feeling using her eyes.

When she is happy or excited, they will either be green or blue.

When her eyes flash red, which happens when you sometimes pick her or try to pet her, she is not in the best of moods.


Robot pets have been around for more than a decade, and a whole new industry is springing up to sell you one.

But to be honest, we have a ways to go in terms of technology and design. Every robot pet sold today has drawbacks and compromises.

For example, Zoomer Kitty still looks too much like a robot instead of an actual cat. Her movements and meows are also not as natural as that of a cat.

Another issue is the learning curve.

Younger kids – around 5 to 7 years – may have some difficulty interacting with Whiskers in the beginning. It takes some time before they can learn to interact fully with the robot kitty.

What You Need to Know

  • Whisker weighs 2 pounds. Easy to carry her when traveling.
  • The kitty uses a rechargeable built-in battery. So no need to buy batteries. The USB cable is used for charging when her power goes low. A wall charger is sold separately.
  • The robot cat is designed for kids 5 years or older. This cat is too complicated for kids younger than that.

See Zoomer Kitty in Action


Zoomer Kitty Whiskers may look like a robot toy, and she may not to do all that a cat does, but there is one inarguable truth: she is a lot of loving fun to have around.

As a bonus, she makes a really cuddly friend. Perfect gift for a young girl – or yourself 🙂

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