Zoomer robot puppy

Zoomer 2.0 Interactive Robot Puppy Review

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Zoomer interactive robot puppy

This is Zoomer Puppy 2.0, the second edition of the popular Zoomer robot puppy.

He comes with improved features, has cuter looks and is more fun than ever.

Our Impression: Zoomer Interactive Robot Puppy


Great for:
● Children over 5 years old
● Parents looking for a highly interactive robot dog with lots of tricks.

Avoid if:
Your child is younger than 5.


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If your kids can’t wait to be the proud owners of a puppy, but they are too young for one, Zoomer is one of the best robot pets selling today.

Your kids (& you) can play and cuddle with Zoomer, without worrying about feeding him or picking his poop.


Overall Impression

Zoomer robot puppy overall impression

Compared with other robot puppies we have reviewed, Zoomer is on the higher end in terms of price.

It competes directly with Wowwee’s CHiP robot dog, so we expected a lot from him.

In terms of design, Zoomer looks like a robot toy, but with has the warm cuteness of a puppy (cuter than CHiP, in our opinion).

There is no synthetic fur used like we have seen with a robot pet companions, making him more of a play mate than a cuddling pet.

Zoomer is packed with lots of tricks and features to make interaction and playtime a lot of fun. He can run, talk and even learn new tricks.

Thanks to his sturdy build, you won’t have to worry about buying another one anytime soon.

One customer reports that hers is still working perfectly for her daughter after two years.

Best Features

1. Playful and Interactive

Zoomer interactive robot puppy

Zoomer has all the tricks and features necessary to keep the kids engaged in endless fun for hours.

His feet are equipped with wheels to keep him zooming across the floor – fast.

Watch him run around, chase the kids, roll over, try to catch his own tail, bark and amuse you with many other moves.

Like any proper dog, he loves to have his head and ears scratched, which he will reward with a snuggle and excited barks.

2. He can be trained

Zoomer Interactive robot puppy training

The best part about Zoomer is that there is no limit to the amount of tricks he can do.

His ability to learn means you can train him to respond to new gestures and commands.

Over time, he can be trained to sit down, lay down, roll onto his belly, shake your hand and even say “I Love You”.

Sometimes, Zoomer even pretends to pee on the carpet. This gives kids the opportunity to teach him better manners.

One of the common limitations with robot pets is that they get boring rather quickly. You may spend a lot on a robot cat or puppy only for your child to get bored after just an hour playing with it.

That’s not the case with Zoomer puppy.

Zoomer comes equipped with lots of tricks, out of the box. As you train him, he learns to do new things and you find new ways to have fun together.

Your kids could have this pet puppy for many months and still not get bored.

Refer to the reference guide for help on how to train the robot dog.

3. Multilingual commands

One of the new and unique features added to Zoomer 2.0 is the ability to understand several languages.

While the first Zoomer was an English-only dog, this one can understand Spanish and French in addition to English.

So feel free to gift Zoomer puppy to a Spanish or French-speaking kid.


Battery life. This is the common complaint among parents who have bought Zoomer puppy for their kids. It’s likely the result of having so many interactive features.

Expect the built-in battery to last between 30 and 45 minutes before it runs out.

The short battery life could be an issue if you are planning to bring Zoomer along for a long car ride.

Some parents claim you have to be careful with the charging to avoid damaging the battery. Do the charging yourself, instead of letting the kids do it themselves and check the instruction guide for directions. It will keep Zoomer around for longer.

One other limitation, that’s also a blessing in disguise, is the learning curve that kids have to go through.

At first, your kids may have trouble interacting with Zoomer.

This is why the manufacturer recommends it for kids 5 years and above. They will have an easier time learning how to play with the puppy.

But even for kids 5 years and older, expect some difficulty in the beginning.

But the learning process is also what makes the robot pup fun.

It helps kids exercise their curiosity and learn a bit about teaching. It’s a great experience for your kids.

What You Need to Know

  • For ages 5 and up
  • No batteries needed. Zoomer uses a rechargeable built-in battery.
  • Be extra careful with charging. The manual has specific instructions on how to charge the robot dog safely.
  • The pup only weighs 1.9 pounds. Very light and easy to travel with.

See Zoomer 2.0 in Action


Today, the race between Zoomer Puppy and WowWee CHiP define ‘state of the art’ in robot toy pets.

Both robot dogs are super fun for kids and have been programmed to display very realistic behavior. They are also in the same price range.

Zoomer edges out CHiP in his ability to learn new tricks. He is an endless bundle of fun for kids. As a parent, you know how kids get easily bored with flashy toys.

On the other hand, CHiP’s battery lasts longer, he adapts to your commands, he comes with a SmartBall to play with and has a bluetooth bracelet to help him follow you around.

Zoomer combines fun, friendship and learning to create the best experiences for your kids.

If you are wondering what gift to get that girl or boy who wants a pet but can’t have one – or just likes robots – then, Zoomer is a great choice.

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