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WowWee CHiP Robot Dog Review

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WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog

This is the WowWee CHiP robot dog, one of the best robot pets you can buy today.

Our Impression: WowWee CHiP Robot Dog


Great for:
● Kids over 6 who want a pet, but aren’t ready.
● Homes & buildings that do not allow pets.
● Birthday or Christmas present.

Avoid if:
Your child is younger than 6.


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Do you want a robot dog that plays fetch and can be trained to do new tricks?

One that responds to touch and sound – and will bark or growl, depending on his mood?

Are we still talking about a robot?

Introducing the adorable WowWee CHiP robot dog.

He delivers much of the fun and companionship of a puppy, without the need to feed or take him to the vet.

This makes CHiP an ideal gift for kids that are too young to take care of a real pet.

It is also a great buy for those living in apartments that do not allow pets.

Or if you just want to have some fun with a cool new toy.


Overall Impression

Wowwee chip robot dog

On balance, WowWee CHiP is the best robot dog you can buy for a kid, today.

CHiP includes many of the latest robot toy features for this price range (about $100).

He is realistic, has tons of tricks, is highly intelligent & adapts his behavior to match yours.

Best Features

1. Cute as a real puppy?

WowWee Chip Robot dog

CHiP gives real puppies a run for their money when it comes to cuteness. He has big, soulful eyes with flashing lights (more on that shortly), a blue collar and black limbs.

The rest of him is mostly white but with a black head and tail. Don’t forget the wiggly ears perched atop his head.

Your kids will love CHiP for his delightful looks. He knows how to draw smiles without even showing off his other much more impressive tricks.

2. He can fetch

WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog SmartBall

One of the tricks CHiP likes showing off is his ability to play fetch.

But he cannot play with just any ball.

When your order arrives, check the package for his SmartBall. This is what you use to get the dog running off sniffing and searching.

The SmartBall is embedded with sensors that enable CHiP to find it.

Once he sniffs its out, CHiP holds the ball in his paws and brings it to you.

It is a really cool trick that your children will love.

The SmartBall uses non-rechargeable batteries. When they are running out, the ball will light purple.

3. He can be trained

Who said only real dogs learn new tricks?

CHiP is a robot, but that does not stop him from acquiring new moves.

Use the CHiP smartphone app to train him and to unlock many other features.

4. Super intelligent and interactive

Here are all the ways that CHiP is more intelligent and interactive than most other robot dogs:

● He is equipped with low-energy Bluetooth connectivity. This connects him to a band that goes on your arm, allowing him to recognize you as his owner.
● He has Infrared Vision which allows him to explore and interact with his environment. Essentially, he can ‘see’.
● He has BeaconSense. This is a technology that gives the robot dog situational awareness. In other words, he knows his environment and can navigate it effortlessly.
● He also has GestureSense, a technology that allows him to respond to your gestures such as waving, clapping and touch. For example, he makes exited noises when you pet him.
● He can communicate his mood by changing the color of his LED-lighted eyes. When you call him, they go green. When playing fetch, they turn yellow when he is ready for you to throw the ball and blue when he is looking for it. When he needs a recharge, they turn purple.
● He can automatically recharge himself by finding the charging bed when his power drops too low.

5. Fast on Wheels

Instead of the usual legs you would expect in a dog, CHiP has specially-designed wheels that have enough traction to move well on smooth flooring.

Use of wheels lets him to move surprisingly quickly across the floor and easily turn in any direction.

Using wheels instead of complex mechanical legs also keeps things simple – which means fewer motors and mechanisms that can break.

6. Bracelet for remote control

WowWee CHiP Robot Dog owner recognition Bracelet

In addition to the ball, you will also find a bracelet in the delivered package.

The bracelet connects to CHiP via Bluetooth and contains remote controls that you can use to interact with the dog.


The biggest gripe customers have is the tendency for CHiP or the ball to be out of range (more than 10 feet or so).

Sometimes CHiP is unable to fetch the ball because it is too far. Other times you may beckon him using the bracelet but he fails to respond.

Because interaction depends heavily on sensors in the main unit, the smart ball, the charging bed and the bracelet in your arm – everything must be within range for them to work.

What You Need to Know

  • It is important to use a clear voice when talking to CHiP.
  • Use the instruction manual and quick start guide to help you get started. You need to assemble it.
  • Don’t forget to download the CHIP app. It adds more features and fun to your interaction with CHiP.
  • CHiP weighs 2 pounds, so it is easy to carry him around when traveling.
  • CHiP is for kids aged 6 to 15 years.

See CHiP in Action


This is the best robot dog I have ever come across.

Of course, it is not as fun as an actual puppy – but it is surprisingly close. CHiP does all the typical fun puppy stuff: fetch, barking, growling, running and others.

For such a smart and interactive robot pet, the price is excellent.

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