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JoyForAll GoldenPup and Cat Robot Companion Pet Review

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Realistic pet robot puppy

For adults who want the warm companionship of a cuddly pet without the care and feeding, we recommend these two lovable robot pet companions from Joy For All by Hasbro.

Our Impression: Joy For All Companion Robot Pets


Great for:
● Anyone who doesn’t want to care for a real pet, but wants a companion
● People who live in buildings that don’t accept pets

Avoid if:
You’re buying a toy, for tricks and fun.


Price of Joy for All Robot Pets

For years, researchers have known that pets can be effective in combating loneliness and depression. Pets also provide much-needed companionship for older persons with dementia and other age-related cognitive problems.

Recently, experts have discovered something else equally amazing. It is not only live pets that offer this benefit, pet robots also make for good companions.

For individuals who cannot or don’t want to get a real pet, buying a robot companion pet is a great next alternative. It Robot pet companions confer many of the same benefits as a real pet, but without the need to feed it or take it to the vet.

Joy For All by Hasbro sells two robot companion pets that are perfect for adults.

There is the adorable Tabby Cat and the equally lovable Golden Pup.

Joy For All robot dog


Overall Impression

Joy For All robot cat

The most notable thing about these robot pets is how real they look and feel. Instead of a hard exterior that most toy robot pets have, these ones are covered with synthetic fur.

When you interact with them, you realize they are more than just good looks. They have very realistic behavior and sounds too.

Customer reviews are mostly positive and our assessment of these two beautiful robot pets is equally favorable. Read on for the full review.

Best Features

1. Realistic look and feel

Interactive pet robot dog

Many customers report that the older loved ones to whom they have gifted these pets have made a strong connection to them. Because of the furry skin, they feel like they are holding actual pets.

The sense of warmth and friendship they provide is simply amazing.

Not only do they feel real, they also look the part. Everything from the paws to the cat’s whiskers and the dog’s droopy ears looks very realistic. From a distance you could easily conclude it’s a pup or cat snoozing on the chair.

2. Interactive

Joy for All robot companion

The real magic of these robot pets comes in when you interact with them. They both respond when you pet them on their head and ears. The cat even rolls over to present its belly for rubbing while making soft purring sounds. The pup barks excitedly.

Both pets also have beating hearts. Place your finger on their chests and you can feel the realistic pulses.

While these actions are not exactly like those of a real cat or dog, they are close enough to make your heart melt. The best part is that the dog will not get up later and eat your socks. You can cuddle for as long as you want.

3. Easy to look after

Many older persons cannot keep up with the care needs of a real pet. Feeding, bathing and taking it for walks is a lot of work.

Joy For All pets are care-free. Apart from changing the batteries and brushing the skin every once in a while you do not have to do anything.

What could be better than that? You get most of the benefits of a pet but without any of the work. This is one of the reasons why you should consider getting a robot companion pet instead of an actual pet.

4. Not necessarily for adults

It is not just adults who need companionship. The Joy For All dog or cat can make a good friend for your kids. The soft furry skin makes them especially good for cuddling when they sleep.

In any case, the manufacturer stipulates a 5 to 105 years age range. If you already got one of the playful toy robotpets for your kids, consider adding one of these gentler pets to their collection.


As with any other robot pet the ultimate limitation, at least for now, is that it is a machine. It will not be as playful or interactive as an actual pet. The pup will not jump on your chest and lick your face nor will it do many other things a real puppy can do.

But it is important to acknowledge that a lot of development has taken place. Robot pets are getting more realistic which has translated into better interactions with their owners.

One other issue to note is that the pets are not as strong as they seem. Remember these are made mostly for adults not as toys for kids.

If they are held too tight, some parts could break off. Something to keep in mind and perhaps pass along if you are gifting the pet to someone.


JoyForAll Cat:

What You Need to Know

  • Both robot companion pets use 4 x 1.5V Alkaline Batteries. They are included together with the purchase. Refer to the usage guide for instructions on how to install and remove them. You’ll need a screwdriver.
  • Never use stain removers or detergents to clean the pets. A gentle brushing will do. If there is a stain, use a damp cloth to wipe it off.
  • Both the pup and the cat weigh 4 pounds each. This is slightly heavier than robot pets for kids but light enough to be portable. So if you are going somewhere for a few days, don’t forget to bring the pet along for company.
  • Both pets come with a comprehensive care guide included. They will tell you how to turn the pet on and off and the best way to interact with it. In it, you will also find instructions on how to keep your pet safe and in good shape. Refer to the guide if you need help with anything regarding one of the pets.


It is not often that words like warmth and companionship are associated with robots. But Joy For All robot companion pets can only be described that way.

I would have loved to see more features and a bit more playful side to the pets – why not include a few cute expressions and tricks, too?

But for most owners, these pets’ gentle character will be perfect.

Pick the snuggly cat if you love the meows and purring or the sweet GoldenPup if you are dog person.

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