FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo Robot Puppy Review

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FurReal robot puppy

With her own leash and realistic fur coat, FurReal Friends is a great, affordable robot puppy for little girls and boys everywhere.

Our Impression: FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo Robot Puppy


Great for:
● Kids who want a puppy they can take for walks.
● Parents looking for an affordable, interactive robot pet.

Avoid if:
Your child is younger than 5.


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When it comes to robot dogs and pets looking realistic, few features beat being able to take a robot pup for a walk around the neighborhood.

FurReal Friends My Walkn’ Pup Pet is the adorable owner of this feature.

If you know a girl or boy celebrating a birthday anytime soon, this would make a great gift. And it costs less than our other top picks.


Overall Impression

FurReal Friends robot pup is a great robot pet though we have a couple of reservations.

We love the realistic look and feel. We also love that the manufacturer (Hasbro) included lots of natural interactive features like barking, sitting, walking and tail wagging.

We only wish it was made from a bit sturdier material. The plastic body feels a little flimsy and may not last long especially when in the care of kids.

Outside of that caveat, though, this is a great robot dog for your kids.

It is definitely one of the best you can buy for less than $100.

Best Features

1. Realistic fur

FurReal Friends robot pup

FurReal is one of the few kids’ robot pets that comes with a realistic fur coat. This makes it seem more real especially when you hold it.

The fur on the pup is white, and there are no other color options to choose from.

The pup also comes with a pink bow on the head and a purple collar that attaches to the leash controller.

2. Leash controller for walking

FurReal robot puppy leash
This is the most unique feature of the FurReal robot dog.

When this robot puppy arrives, it will have the leash attached to the collar. Note that the leash cannot detach.

The most important part of the leash is at the handle where you will see a control button.

When walking, you don’t pull the pup along. Instead, you press the button to get her going. To keep her walking, just press and hold the button.

The pup uses tiny wheels to move fast on the ground, so you don’t have to worry about her being unable to keep up.

Additionally, the wheels are small enough that they are not really visible.

When you are finished, you can get her to hold her own leash in her mouth.

3. Highly Interactive

FurReal Puppy

While real pets are naturally interactive and playful, robot pets have to be carefully designed with sensors and software mimic a realistic behavior.

Hasbro has done a good job of that, with the FurReal robot puppy. Here are all the puppy-like things she can do:

  • She sits down and wags her tail when you pet her head.
  • She runs towards you when you clap your hands.
  • She has her own puppy language that includes barks and other cute sounds. Go ahead, talk to her and see how well she talks back.
  • She can interact with other robot pets in the FurReal series.

With the FurReal robot pup, your kids will have plenty to do. If they are not striking up a conversation with the pup, they are taking a walk or playing one of the many games on the app.

4. Smartphone App

The downloadable smartphone app makes the FurReal experience twice as much fun.

Parents report their kids spend as much time on the app as they do talking and playing directly with the pup.

The best part about the app is that it enhances the physical interaction with the robot pet. The app connects to the pet using sounds. She responds to whatever you do on the app. You can give her a bath, reward her with treats and even play hide and seek.

The FurReal Friends robot puppy can also team up with her own friends on the app to sing songs and dance around.

The FurReal Friends GoGo app is available for both Android and iPhones. The app is free and contains no ads.


As I mentioned in the beginning, product sturdiness is where we want to see the biggest improvement. This is especially important for a product that is going to be used by children.

But with good care, most parents say the FurReal pup can last for quite a while.

Another weak area is the leash controller. I would like to see more control features on it.  As it is, the leash has a single button only for one purpose: walking the dog.

In contrast the WowWee CHiP robot dog connects to a wrist band with four buttons that you can use in different ways.

Considering that it costs less than most other robot pets, though, it is not a surprise that the FurReal pup cuts back on fancier features.

But even without them, it still remains one of the best robot puppies you can buy your child.

What You Need to Know

  • The pet weighs 3.2 pounds, light enough that you can travel with her.
  • Recommended for kids aged four years and above.
  • Uses rechargeable batteries.
  • The manual is not the best. Be ready to Google for help.
  • Do not use detergents to clean the fur. Spot cleaning with a damp cloth should get rid of any dirt or stains. As real as the pet looks, dunking her in water for a bath would be the end of her.
  • Remember to keep the pet on an elevated surface such as the table when not in use. It will most likely not survive if you step on it accidentally.

See Her in Action


As robot pets become more popular, parents have more options to choose from.

FurReal Friends walkable robot puppy trumps most others with her charm, playfulness and looks. And price.

If you are looking for an affordable robot pet to buy for a child, this is a great choice.

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