Roborock E35

Roborock E35 Robotic Vacuum Review

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Roborock E35

The Roborock E35 is a mid-priced robotic vacuum cleaner with impressive cleaning performance and most of the features of high-end robot vacuums.

In some areas, like the massive 5,200mAh battery that delivers 2.5 hours of cleaning and the 2,000Pa suction power, it leads other more expensive models.

It’s also more versatile since it can also mop the floor.

If you don’t have the budget for a $700+ robot vacuum cleaner but don’t want a basic low-budget model, the Roborock E35 offers the best value for your money.

The Roborock E35 is very similar to the slightly more expensive Roborock S5. The main difference is that the S5 has floor mapping, which allows zone cleaning and virtual no-go zones.

If you are looking for an affordable robot vacuum with smart navigation and mapping, we recommend the Roborock S5.

If you’d rather buy another brand like Neato or Roomba, read our reviews of the best robot vacuums.

But if you are interested in the Roborock E35, read on for our in-depth review.

Our Impression – Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


The Roborock E35 is an affordable robot vacuum cleaner that provides a great balance between budget robot vacuums and expensive flagship models.

Great for:
• Thin carpets
• Vinyl
• Hardwood
• Tile
• Linoleum
• Pet hair
• Mopping
• Multi-room cleaning
• Medium and Large homes

Avoid if:
You have lots of carpeting in your home or a thick carpet. The Roborock E35 performs best on hard floors and thin carpets.

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Overall Impression 

Roborock E35 Robotic Vacuum

A couple or so years ago, if you wanted good quality and reliable robot vacuum, you had to buy an established brand like Roomba and Samsung. The problem is that; these well-known models usually cost more.

Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. When shopping for a new robot vacuum, you can venture beyond the usual brands and still find a product that’s worth your money.

A good example of this is the Roborock E35.

It’s no Roomba or Neato, but it’s just as good as some of their models, if not better. The E35 has features we usually see in high-end models such as recharge & resume, smart navigation, and remote app control.

As for cleaning performance, we are impressed as are most customers.

The E35 has one of the most powerful suction among robot vacuums, making it especially ideal for homes with pets.

With 2.5-hour battery life, it cleans longer than even the latest Roomba. That’s plenty of time to clean multiple rooms in a large home.

That said, it has a few limitations.

It struggles with thicker carpets, though we didn’t expect any deep carpet cleaning at this price point. It also lacks some tech features such as floor mopping.

Overall, we think Roborock E35 is a great bargain.

Cleaning Ability 

Roborock E35 cleaning

You don’t have to settle for reduced cleaning performance to enjoy the E35’s lower price tag. Though it has lots of bells and whistles, the Roborock E35 focuses on features that enhance cleaning.

The most impressive is the 2,000Pa suction power, one of the highest among robot vacuum cleaners.

This allows the robot to pick up dirt and debris with ease.

It also does a great job picking up pet hair. For pet owners looking for an affordable robot vacuum, we highly recommend the Roborock E35.

The large 640ml dust bin holds a lot of pet hair and debris, so you don’t need to empty it midway through the vacuuming.

One feature we particularly love is the dual exhaust design that diffuses air over a wider area. Most robot vacuums have a single exhaust that blows pet hair and dust still on the floor all about.

Just because it has a lot of suction power, it doesn’t mean the E35 will deep clean any type of carpet.

It picks up dirt best on thin and medium-pile carpets, especially when you enable the carpet boost mode. You can use it on a thicker carpet but only for picking up surface debris. You’ll still have to vacuum manually every once in a while.

But we don’t recommend it for shaggy or extra-thick carpets. It gets tangled easily on the long fibers.

On hardwood and tile floors (or any other type of hard flooring), the E35 is just as good as a Roomba.

The side brush sweeps hair in from the edges and corners while the roller brush agitates stubborn dirt and pushes debris inside the vacuum.

The brush has an anti-tangle design that comes handy when the E35 is picking pet hair.

The suction is more than enough for hard floors. In fact, you can keep it in the lowest power mode, and it’ll still clean well, and you’ll get the full 150 minutes cleaning time.

We love the large 640ml bin – it’s one of the largest of any robot vacuum. A washable HEPA filter ensures dust, pet hair and other allergens remain in the bin.

Mopping Ability 

Roborock Mopping Ability

You can switch from vacuuming to mopping by replacing the bin with the mopping module, which consists of a water tank and a detachable pad.

The tank dispenses water through tiny nozzles, ensuring the robot doesn’t leave puddles on the floor. You can safely mop your hardwood floor with the E35.

Don’t expect the moist pad to scrub your floor clean. It’s not meant for mopping up dry hard-to-remove stains.

It provides only a light mop to remove the film of dust on the floor. It’s also handy for cleaning fresh spills and stains.

Cleaning Modes 

E35 cleaning modes

Using the Mi Home app, you can select quiet, balanced, turbo, max, and carpet modes. These modes adjust the amount of suction power.

In quiet mode, the robot will use the lowest suction power possible to reduce noise. In max mode, it uses maximum power for a deeper clean. In carpet mode, it will automatically increase suction when it detects it’s on a carpet.

Note that battery life depends on the cleaning mode. The best you can get is 150 minutes or 2.5 hours when the vacuum is in quiet mode.

When you want to mop, make sure you select mopping mode.

For cleaning up messes and small areas, press the spot mode button on the robot vacuum.


Roborock navigation

Unlike other robot vacuums at this price point, the Roborock E35 does not clean randomly. It moves in a predictable back and forth patterns until it covers the entire room.

When it encounters an obstacle, it smoothly goes around it and resumes its cleaning path. It can clean in between chair legs and, thanks to its reasonably low profile, under most furniture as well.

Such efficient navigation is possible because of the E35’s smart navigation system that comprises two gyroscopes, optical motion tracking sensors, and infrared sensors.

The robot is aware of its position and orientation at all times, it can easily detect walls and obstacles, and it immediately stops and turns if it senses the edge of the stairs.

You don’t have to move or cover furniture and other delicate objects. The robot slows down when it detects an obstacle and bumps into it gently. The soft bumper ensures it doesn’t leave any scuff marks.

Thanks to its smart navigation system and long battery life, the E35 can clean the entire house or a single level at a go, effortlessly moving from room to room without getting lost.

What would make it even better is a floor mapping system, a feature only available in the S5? You cannot send the robot to clean a specific room or set virtual no-go zones.

Automation & Scheduling 

Remote app control

A feature we did not expect in the E35, considering its price, is automatic recharge & resume. Only high-priced models like the Roomba i7 have it.

Most robot vacuums just have automatic recharge. But the E35 automatically goes back to the dock to recharge (when the battery reaches 20%) and resumes cleaning where it left off when it charges to 80%.

The E35 is WiFi-connected. When setting it up, you’ll need to download the companion app and link it to the vacuum.

Then you can use the app to start and stop cleaning, select a cleaning mode, send the robot to dock and set an auto-cleaning schedule.

If you find voice commands more convenient, the Roborock E35 is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

What it Misses 

Roborock features

When it comes to cleaning ability, the E35’s main limitation is vacuuming thick carpets and rugs. Despite its high suction power, it struggles to pick up deep-down debris.

But this is a problem even for pricier models, so it’s not surprising.

As for the tech, a mapping system would have been helpful for zone cleaning. But we didn’t expect one at this price point.


Roborock E35 Robotic Vacuum

The Roborock E35 doesn’t require much in terms of maintenance.

For daily maintenance, empty the bin, remove any pet hair on the brush and check the wheels and other parts for obstructions.

Every couple of weeks, wipe the sensors and charging contacts.

You’ll also need to replace the brushes and other components after several months. Check the manual for the exact replacement period.

The HEPA filter and mopping pad are washable so you won’t need to replace those for some time.


  • Good value for money.
  • Excellent cleaning performance on thin carpets and hard floors.
  • Sweeps, vacuums, and mops.
  • Smart navigation allows it to clean fast and efficiently without missing spots.
  • Large debris bin.


  • Struggles to vacuum thick carpeting.
  • No floor mapping.


Roborock E35

Dimensions: 13.7” diameter x 3.6 inches height

Weight: 7lbs

Running time: 150 minutes

Recharge time: 4 hours

Remote control: No

App control: yes

Self-charging: yes

Auto-resume: yes

Scheduling: yes

Multi-room navigation: yes

Entire level cleaning: yes

WiFi: yes

Smart home integration: yes

Floor mapping: No

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