Neato XV

Neato XV Series Robot Vacuum For Pets And Allergies

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Neato XV

The Neato XV is a quiet device that features a combo brush that was especially designed to help pick up pet hair. The patented navigational technology will scan a room and create a map to methodically clean the area.

The bigger brush, larger dirt bin, and bigger filter, all help the device pick up more dirt and debris than other robotic vacuums on the market.

Our Impression: Neato XV Series Robot Vacuum For Pets And Allergies


This is a good choice for pet owners who have hardwood floors in their home.

Great for:

● Pet hair
● Allergies
● Tile and vinyl flooring
● Hardwood flooring
● Short carpet

Avoid if:

You have long, thick carpet throughout your home.

Price: $$$

Overall Impression

Overall, the Neato XV-21 is a great all around robotic vacuum and is a viable alternative to the more expensive, latest Roomba models like the 890 and 980.

The XV-21 is more expensive than other Neatos, but not as expensive as the Roombas it competes with.

Cleaning Ability

Neato XV Vacuuming Carpet

One of the unique features of the Neato robotic vacuums is the D shape design, which helps the robot deep clean corners and walls with ease.

The powerful suction of the XV combined with precision brushes immaculately cleans floors throughout your home.


Neato XV Navigation

Neato is known for its patented navigation system and the XV does not disappoint. The Laser Smart mapping system allows the robot to clean methodically.

It will first scan the room and then determine what the most efficient cleaning path will be. It will finish a cleaning job up to 4 times as fast as some of the other robots that are available.

Automation & Scheduling Features

You use the Neato control center to create a cleaning schedule for your XV that will work for you.

You can schedule up to 7 cleanings a week. This schedule will help keep your floor free from dirt and debris at all times.

What it Misses

The XV-21 does not have a remote control and there are no customizable cleaning modes. This makes the machine simple to use, but these additional features would make it a more flexible choice.

Some verified owners have complained about the noise it makes, too.


To keep your Neato XV running at its peak performance you will need to make sure that you empty the dirt bin after each cleaning. To clean the filter, tap it against a garbage bin in order to remove any excess debris.

It is also important to remove and clean the brushes regularly.






Dimensions: 31.8 x 12.5 x 33.0 cm

Height: 10.2 cm

Weight: 8.6 pounds

Capacity (debris): ¾  of a quart

Self Charging: yes

Multi-room navigation: yes

Entire level cleaning: yes

Recharge and resume: yes

Scheduling: yes

Automatic cleaning: yes

Combo brush: yes

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