iLife V8S Robot

iLife V8s Robotic Vacuum & Mop Review

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iLife V8S Robot

The iLife V8S provides efficient and intelligent 2-in-1 cleaning for hard floors with its interchangeable vacuuming and mopping modules.

It lacks more advanced features like WiFi connectivity and remote/app control, but makes up for it with smart navigation, an extra-large dustbin, adjustable suction, convenient scheduling and 2-in-1 functionality.

Costing only  on Amazon, the V8S is also a LOT less expensive than most vacuum-only robotic cleaners.

Our Impression – iLife V8s Robotic Vacuum & Mop


The iLife V8S is a very affordable 2-in-1 robotic vacuum and wet mop that cleans hard floors really well. It’s smarter than the cheaper iLife V3 and cleans better.

Great for:
• Vinyl
• Hardwood
• Tile
• Linoleum
• Pets

Avoid if:
You have a lot of carpet in your home. This cleaner is designed solely for hard floors.

iLife V8s Robotic Vacuum

Overall Impression

There is a consumer-friendly trend emerging in the robotic vacuum industry: robot cleaners continue to get less and less expensive, while reliability and features continue to improve.

This is great, because for those of us who cannot spend $700 or $800 on a robot vacuum cleaner, there are a lot more cheaper options to choose from.

The iLife V8s is a perfect example of this more-for-less trend.

Priced at  on Amazon this a grand bargain especially considering that it is a 2-in-1 robot cleaner and a wet mop.

The V8s comes with two interchangeable modules. One is a large dustbin and HEPA filter to capture dust, food crumbs, dander and pet hair and another is a water tank with an adjustable wet pad to mop your floors.

The V8s is a new release by iLife. They’ve made several significant improvements from previous models.

The navigation is much smarter, ensuring the robot doesn’t keep bumping into walls and furniture.

They’ve also made the bin bigger.

They also improved the dripping water system in the mopping module so it doesn’t release too much water that could damage your floor.

Given its low price, I guess it’s not surprising some features are missing. There is no WiFi, smart home integration or app control.

But for those of us who don’t care much about those features, the iLife V8s is an excellent choice.

Cleaning Ability

iLife V8S Robot

With this cleaner, you always have the choice of either vacuuming or mopping.

As I mentioned, each option uses its own module, which you must install before releasing it.

The modules are really easy to change. Slide one out, snap the other in.

Let’s start with the vacuuming.

The robot has powerful suction – but it only works on hard floors. I wouldn’t recommend using it even on a low-pile carpet. It will pick up some dust but not much. For best results use it on tile, hardwood, vinyl and other hard floors.

I also say this because the V8S is missing a roller brush.

Most robot vacuums have two sets of brushes. There are the side brushes that pull in dirt from the sides, edges, and corners and there is also a main roller brush underneath that picks up pet hair and dirt – especially from carpet.

The iLife V8s has two side brushes only. They are great on a hard floor, but notsomuch on a carpet.

So buy this unit only if you have hard flooring at home.

For filtering dust and dander from your floor, the iLife V8S comes with three filters: a HEPA filter, a washable foam and screen filters.

So it has no problem capturing everything from pet hair to the most excellent dust and allergens.

All debris is dumped into its extra-large 750 ml bin. You clean an entire house without having to empty the bin midway through.

As for mopping, it does a great job.

When you insert the mopping module, the robot will automatically know which module is inside and modify power and navigation accordingly.

The module uses a wet pad which you attach to it before putting it inside the robot cleaner. There is a water tank inside which releases measured amounts of water regularly to keep the pad wet. You’ll need to fill it before running a mopping cycle.

This iLife cleaner mops well without leaving any unsightly streaks on the floor. If you notice streaks, just add a bit of window cleaner to the water.

Overall, the iLife V8s is an excellent robotic cleaner plus floor mop.

It cannot do any deep cleaning – you still need to hand-vacuum the carpet and mop once in a while – but for everyday cleaning especially in a busy home with kids and pets, it’s excellent.

You will also like how quiet it is. It won’t interrupt your TV time, scare the pets or wake the baby.

Cleaning Modes

iLife V8s cleaning modes

The iLife V8s comes with several cleaning modes to give you more control over your cleaning:

(Note: you can select any of these modes using the robot’s control panel or the included remote control.)

  • Auto mode – The robot automatically chooses the best cleaning settings and path as it moves about on the floor. This is the default mode.
  • Point mode– This is the spot-cleaning mode. The robot cleans in a spiral pattern around a specific area. Ideal for vacuuming or mopping areas with concentrated dirt.
  • Border mode– This is the edge-cleaning mode. The robot moves along the wall to clean the edges and corners.
  • Max mode– The robot operates at maximum suction power. Ideal if the floor is very dusty or there is a lot of pet hair. Note that this mode does not make the robot any better at cleaning carpeted areas.
  • Path mode– The robot engages its smart navigation to clean the floor methodically. It cleans in sections, moving back and forth until the area is completely covered.
  • Mopping mode– The mode for mopping. Make sure the mopping module is inserted. Using the remote control, you can vary how much water the robot releases onto the mopping pad. More water if the floor is very dirty, less water if you just want a light mopping to get rid of dust.


ILIFE V8s navigation

The V8s doesn’t have as intelligent a navigation system as a Roomba; the cleaning path is semi-random.

That said, the V8s is smart enough to cover every inch of the floor it can reach without going over the same area twice.

It does a great job avoiding furniture and other obstacles, too. With the previous iLife V3 model, some owners complain that the robot bumps into furniture too hard.

The V8s can sense chair legs in time and navigate around them. If it hits anything, it does so very gently use its front bumper.

It also has cliff sensors to keep it from tumbling down the stairs.

The robot moves on large Road Rover wheels. Because of the wheel size, this robot vacuum is slightly thicker than most which can affect its ability to get under some furniture. On the upside, the wheels allow it to climb over thresholds easily.

The V8S robot cleans for about 100 minutes per charge. When the battery gets low, it finds its way back to the charging dock.

This feature doesn’t always work as expected, though. Some owners say it does get stuck now and then.

Note that this robotic vacuum doesn’t have auto-resume. If it hasn’t finished cleaning an area, you will have to restart it after recharging manually.

One other feature I like – and which I wish more robot vacuums would come with – is the directional control buttons on the remote. Using these, you can manually control the robot’s movements. This is handy if the robot can’t seem to clean where you want it to, or you want a quick spot cleaning.

Automation and Scheduling

ilife v8s

As I mentioned, the V8s doesn’t have most of the smart features you get with a Roomba.

Since you cannot connect it to WiFi, it means you cannot control it from your phone, connect it to a smart assistant or receive cleaning reports and updates.

The only automated ability it has is recharging when the power goes low. It can also start cleaning automatically based on a set schedule.

The scheduling feature has been improved to give users more control.

In previous models, you could only set a specific time every day. With the V8s, you can set a particular time for each day or turn it off on some days.

You can cancel the entire schedule at any time. Turning off the power switch on the robot will also cancel the schedule, and you have to reset it.

What It Misses

iLife V8s pet hair care

The most significant limitation by far is its inability to vacuum carpets. The lack of a brush roll under the robot confines it too hard floors.

So if you have a large carpeted area in your home, forget about buying the V8s. See our robotic vacuums guide for other recommendations.

It also misses out on plenty of features you get in pricier robots such as WiFi, remote app control and Alexa compatibility. But that is understandable considering the price.

If you just want a simple robot vacuum that is easy to use and cleans well, the iLife V8s is a smart buy. But if you want a robot you can control with voice commands or from your smartphone, look elsewhere.

Another minor issue is the navigation. It’s not as smart or precise as in a Roomba, but it gets the job done.

The robot is not smart enough to move from room to room on a single level, though. It can only clean one room at a time.

Speaking of which, you also don’t get virtual barriers or even magnetic strips. You have to close the door or use a physical barrier to prevent the robot from going where you don’t want it to.


iLife V8S Robot

Maintaining the iLife V8s is easy.

Making sure it’s unplugged, remove the dustbin and empty it after every cleaning session. Check for any stuck hair or debris and get it out.

Note that you should never wash the bin since it has electrical components. Only wipe it with a dry cloth.

Also, check the suction inlet for any dust and debris and wipe it too. Also, check the brushes for any tangled hair.

The foam and screen filters should be washed every 15-30 days. As for the HEPA filter, a quick shake after every cleaning is enough.

Regularly wipe the sensors and contacts to keep the robot working correctly and occasionally check the front directional wheel for any stuck debris. If it’s jammed or not moving successfully, you can take it out and dislodge whatever is causing the problem.

Refer to the manual for instructions on how often to change the brushes and filters.


  • Affordable.
  • 2-in-1 robot cleaner.
  • Vacuums and mops great on hard floors.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Auto-recharge.
  • Manual controls.
  • Easy to use and maintain.


  • Doesn’t vacuum carpets.
  • No WiFi connectivity.
  • No auto-resume.


Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 3 inches

Weight: 5.9lbs

Running time: 100 minutes

Recharge time: Around 3 hours

Remote control: yes

Self-charging: yes

Scheduling: yes

Recharge and resume: no

Multi-room navigation: no

Entire level cleaning: no

WiFi: No

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