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iLife V5s Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Water Mopping: In-Depth Review

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The Roomba may be the most recognizable name in the robotic vacuum cleaner market, but new contenders are making their way into iRobot’s market by differentiating their products on features, specialization – and price.

ILife’s V5s is one of the least expensive new robot cleaners on the marketIt offers a lot of great features for under $200.

Our Impression: iLife V5s Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Best for homes with mostly hardwood and other types of hard flooring.

Great for:
● Hardwood floors
● Tile and vinyl floors

Avoid if:
You have a larger home with a lot of carpets.

Price: $

Overall Impression

The iLife V5s is a really inexpensive but unspectacular cleaner.

It will give you about the same cleaning performance as the earlier Roombas do, at a much lower cost.

Additionally, you will find the V5s includes most of the important features of early Roombas.

While it is not perfect, the V5s robot cleaner is a great value as it offers a surprisingly good vacuum and mop for a low price.

Cleaning Ability

The V5s is a simple cleaner that requires a manual start. To start cleaning all you have to do is press the clean button on its face.

There are four operating modes to choose including auto clean, wet clean, and spot clean. You choose the type of cleaning you want completed, and the vacuum will begin doing its job.

Here’s a video that will give you an idea of how the V5s works:


To move around the room, the iLife V5s uses a number of different sensors.

The infrared sensors help the vacuum to cover an entire floor area without crashing into anything.

There are also cliff detection sensors that keep it from falling down stairs.

Automation And Scheduling

You schedule your cleaning using the V5s’ appointment option.

You can choose to clean at the same time each day.

When scheduling a cleaning, you can choose the cleaning mode or just let it use the default automatic cleaning mode.

What it Misses

The iLife V5s is probably not the right answer for homes with carpeted flooring.

It can get stuck on the edges of thicker carpets.  It also struggles to overcome electric wires, charging cables and other items that are left in the cleaning area.


The iLife V5s needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. You will need to remove the dustbin and clean it after every vacuuming. The rollers also need to be cleaned.

Unique Features

The major thing that sets this robotic vacuum apart from similarly-priced robot vacuums is its wet mopping feature.

After it has vacuumed the floor, you can remove the dustbin and replace it with a water tank to begin the mopping feature.






Self Charging: yes

Multi-room navigation: yes

Entire level cleaning: no

Recharge and resume: no

Scheduling: yes

Slim Design: yes

Smart Sensors: 14

Cleaning Modes: 4

Warranty: one year

Charge Station: yes

Remote Control: yes

Filter: primary plus HEPA

Side Brushes: yes

Dimensions: 11.79 inch diameter

Weight:  2.05 kilograms

Running Time: 150 minutes

Recharge Time: 250 to 300 minutes

Capacity (debris): 0.3 L

Water Tank: holds water for mopping feature

Noise level: 55 dB

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