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iLife V3s Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Pets & Allergies: In-Depth Review

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iLife V3S Design

The iLife V3s is a small and sleek vacuum that is easily capable of cleaning under furniture and other hidden areas. It is a 3 in one machine, which means that it will sweep, mop, and vacuum.

Our Impression: iLife V3s Robot Vacuum Cleaner


The iLife V3s is the perfect choice for cleaning any type of flooring.

Great for:
● Hardwood floors
● Carpet
● Vinyl and tile floors
● Pet hair
● Allergies

Avoid if:
You have a home that is cluttered as it will get stuck often.


Overall Impression

The iLife V3s is a quality robot vacuum cleaner that comes at a budget price.

The V3s can vacuum, sweep, and mop your floors and does each job well.

The price is excellent, too. If you are looking for a low-cost robot vacuum, you definitely want to consider this unit.

Cleaning Ability

There are 4 cleaning modes available on the V3s. They are auto, scheduled, spot, and edge.

The two side brushes on the device help pull in dirt from the corners and other areas that are difficult to reach.

Once the floor has been vacuumed, you can attach a mop cloth to the robot and begin the mopping process.


The V3s comes with 14 sensors located around the base designed to help the unit know where it should clean.

The sensors keep the device from bumping into walls and from falling down the stairs.

Automation And Scheduling

The scheduling feature lets you set the robot to run at different times of the day. You can schedule this vacuum to run up to seven times each week.

What it Misses

The cleaning pattern is random, so it takes longer than more sophisticated units to clean most rooms.


There is not a lot of work necessary to clean the iLife V3s.

You will simply need to empty the dustbin and wipe it out on a regular basis.

You should also check brushes for hair and string that can clog them.

You will also need to clean the filter regularly, which is a relatively easy process that just involves removing the filter and wiping it down.

iLife v3s Cleaning Hardwood






Self Charging: yes

Multi-room navigation: yes

Sensors: 14

Entire level cleaning: yes

Scheduling: yes

Charge station:Yes

Remote Control:Yes

Filtration : primary and HEPA

Sides brush:2

Pet hair Care:Yes

Body control:Touch screen

Dimensions:11.8 x 3 inch



Power voltage:100-240V

Charging type:Auto charging and Manual charging capabilities

Cleaning mode:Auto/Scheduling/spot/Edge

Charging time:250-300mins

Cleaning time:90-110 mins

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