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DeeBot 711 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

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The DeeBot 711 has the features and cleaning capability of a Roomba at half the price.

A smart mapping system and 2hr battery life make the DeeBot 711 ideal for medium and large homes.

As for cleaning performance, the robot vacuum handles hard floors and carpets without a problem.

The 3-stage cleaning system backed by powerful suction and multiple brushes makes easy work of picking pet hair and other debris.

The DeeBot 711 is a smart robotic vacuum, meaning it has WiFi connectivity. You can control it and set a schedule from your smartphone wherever you are.

It is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Read on for our full review of the Ecovacs DeeBot 711 robot vacuum cleaner.

Our Impression - DeeBot 711 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


A robot vacuum cleaner with the advanced features and powerful cleaning performance of a Roomba but at half the price.

Great for:
• Low and medium-pile carpets
• Vinyl
• Hardwood
• Tile
• Linoleum
• Pet hair
• Multi-room cleaning
• Medium and Large homes

Avoid if:
You prefer a tried and tested Roomba model even though it costs more.It’s also not ideal for small homes and apartments. A cheaper basic model with fewer smart features will suffice.

Roborock S5

Overall Impression

DeeBot 711 Cleaner

The DeeBot 711 is a perfect example of a trend that has been taking shape in the last couple of years: cheaper robot vacuums with more or less the same features as premium models.

For some time now, Roomba has not been the default choice for people seeking a robot vacuum that cleans well and has advanced features such as smart mapping and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The DeeBot 711 is not quite as advanced as the Roomba 980 or Roomba i7, Roombas top two models, but it offers many of their features.

It has a smart camera-based mapping system that significantly increases cleaning efficiency. You can control it remotely via an app. It’s also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

But how does the DeeBot 711 perform where it matters most – cleaning ability?

Again, it comes close to top models that cost twice as much.

It picks up dust, food crumbs, pet hair, and other debris on all types of floors. It does struggle a bit on thick carpets, so we recommend using it only on low and medium pile rugs.

Overall, DeeBot 711 is an excellent value for your money. It does lack some high-tech features, but all the essential ones you need to keep your home clean are present.

If you are looking specifically for a robot vacuum that can handle pet hair, get top recommendations in our best robot vacuums for pet hair buying guide.

Cleaning Ability

DeeBot 711 3 stage cleaning

The DeeBot 711 uses a 3-stage cleaning system.

It agitates and sweeps dirt and debris on the floor. On hard floors, the side brushes sweep in dust and debris from the sides. They are great for cleaning in corners and along the edges.

On carpets, the roller brush agitates dirt hiding deep within the fibers.

The roller brush then picks up debris swept into its path along with any pet hair on the floor.

The powerful suction system vacuums up the dirt and pet hair into the bin.

The DeeBot 711 can pick up both large and small debris whether on the hard floor or carpeting.

Thanks to the smart mapping system, which we will discuss shortly, it doesn’t leave uncleaned spots. It moves systematically, covering a large area in a short time while also ensuring the floor is spotless.

Note that the DeeBot 711 does not have a mopping function. It only vacuums.

If you are looking for a robot vacuum and mop, try the similarly affordable DeeBot Ozmo 930.

Cleaning Modes

Dee Bot 711

The DeeBot 711 lets you select the right cleaning mode for your needs using either the included remote control or the smartphone app.

Auto mode: This is the default cleaning mode. The robot moves in an S-pattern while scanning its environment for obstacles and ensuring it does not clean the same area twice. Note that the auto mode is optimized for hard floors though it also works great on low pile carpets. If you want to vacuum a fairly thick carpet, select the next mode.

Max suction: During normal operation, the DeeBot 711 has a suction power of 500 Pa. Select max suction, and it doubles that figure to better deal with stubborn dirt and extra-dirty areas. This mode is also great for cleaning carpeted areas. Note that max suction reduces battery life significantly.

Edge cleaning: The robot focuses on cleaning along the edges and in corners, places where dirt and pet hair tends to build up most. Side brushes sweep in dirt from the edges and the roller brush pushes it inside the vacuum where it is suctioned into the bin.

Spot cleaning: The robot focuses on a specific spot. This mode is excellent for cleaning up messes.


ecovacs app

The DeeBot 711 rarely gets into a jam thanks its advanced mapping and navigational system.

The robot has a camera on top that continually scans the surroundings to determine the robot’s location.

The camera ensures the robot doesn’t go over the same spot twice. That’s why the DeeBot 711 can clean a large area in a relatively short time.

Unlike other robot vacuums in this price range, the DeeBot 711 does not rely on random movements. Instead, it moves in an efficient S pattern.

As it moves about on the floor, a sensor watches out for obstacles and the stairs.

This keeps the robot from getting trapped or tumbling down the stairs.

With a thickness of 3.3 inches, the DeeBot 711 has a fairly low profile. It can clean under most furniture without getting stuck.

For those times you want more control over where the robot cleans, use the directional buttons on the remote control to direct the vacuum.

The total cleaning time is 110 minutes or almost 2 hours when in the normal auto mode. Selecting Max Suction mode reduces cleaning time. You should only use it for short bursts.

When the battery runs out, the robot automatically goes back to the dock to recharge,

It doesn’t have auto-resume so you’ll have to wake it up again if you want it to keep cleaning after recharging.

Automation and Scheduling

DeeBot 711 vacuum

This is another area where the DeeBot 711 gives you plenty of bang for your buck.

It has most of the automation features of pricier robots.

The main one is Wi-Fi connectivity. Once you link the robot to your home’s Wi-Fi network, you can control it remotely from a smartphone app.

The app lets you monitor the robot’s cleaning, set a schedule and manually control the robot’s movements.

You can also start and stop the robot vacuum or send it back to the dock.

After each cleaning, you’ll get a report in the app showing how long the vacuum was active and displaying a map of the area cleaned.

The map is not interactive. You cannot label or select rooms.

If you don’t want to use the app or the remote control, you can issue voice commands using a smart speaker or your phone.

The DeeBot is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

With voice commands, you can start and stop the robot, but you cannot set a schedule. That’s only possible on the app.

You can set the days and time when you want the DeeBot 711 to clean, but you cannot select specific rooms to be cleaned on different days.

But unlike most robot vacuums, you can select a different time for each day. If you want it to vacuum at 8 in the morning on Monday and 2 in the afternoon on Tuesday, it’s possible.

What It Mises

DeeBot 711

The DeeBot 711 lacks a few advanced features such as auto recharge and resume and interactive mapping.

The lack of the latter means you cannot select specific rooms to be vacuumed. You also cannot set virtual boundaries.

Even worse, the company does not provide any kind of physical boundaries, not even simple magnetic strips.

So your only option is to close doors or uses a physical boundary like a piece of furniture.

As for cleaning ability, there’s nothing to criticize. The DeeBot 711 does a great job on hard floors, carpets, corners, and edges.


DeeBot 711 robot cleaner


Maintenance requirements are similar to those of other robot vacuums.

The user manual has a table showing the cleaning and replacement frequency for various components including brushes and filters.

Maintenance is generally easy with the most tedious part being emptying the bin. It is relatively small (520ml) so it fills up fast.

For a large home, you may need to empty it midway through the cleaning session.


  • Great value for your money –plenty of features and excellent cleaning performance for less money.
  • Great for pet hair.
  • Long battery life.
  • Smart mapping and navigation –clean faster, and more effectively.
  • Multiple cleaning modes to suit different situations.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows easy remote control.
  • Auto-recharge.


  • Relatively small bin – requires frequent emptying.
  • No recharge and resume.
  • No boundaries of any kind.
  • Not ideal for thick carpets.


Dimensions: 13.9” diameter x 3.3 inches height

Weight: 7lbs

Running time: 110 minutes

Recharge time: 3-4 hours

Remote control: yes

App control: yes

Self-charging: yes

Auto-resume: no

Scheduling: yes

Multi-room navigation: yes

Entire level cleaning: yes

WiFi: yes

Smart home integration: yes

Interactive floor map: no

DeeBot 711 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


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