Bobi Bobsweep Robot

bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: In-Depth Review

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Bobi Bobsweep Robot

From its attractive style to its remote control, precision navigation and advanced features, the bObi pet robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the best robotic vacuum models to come from BobSweep.

Our Impression: bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Best choice for pet owners. If your dog sheds, bObi will save you!

Great for:
• hardwood floors
• carpet
• tile and vinyl floors
• pet hair
Avoid if:
You have a lot of carpet or rugs as it tends to get snagged on these.


Overall Impression

The bObi pet robotic vacuum is great for pet owners because it does an especially good job picking up pet hair that ends up all over your home.

This is also a great looking vacuum that offers many advanced features – and it runs quietly.

Robotic Cleaner by Bobi

Cleaning Ability

Dirt and debris pickup by the Bobi Pet robot is on-par with other robots at the same price.

The Bobi Pet does an above-average job of picking up pet hair from hardwood and other hard flooring surfaces.


The navigation system of the bObi is improved from past offerings from BobSweep.

This unit has more sensors to help it navigate a room with more precision than before. In fact, there are 80 sensors and 5  wall sensors.


The bObi pet also has a cliff sensor so that it does not end up falling off stairs.

The bObi does struggle a bit with furniture that has a black or dark finish and with chrome furniture (according to some owners).

Automation & Scheduling Features

The bObi pet has a remote control that can be used to schedule cleanings and change cleaning modes.

There are only 2 cleaning modes from which to choose, however.

What It Misses

The bObi struggles to avoid dark furniture and struggles to clean deep carpet.

It is best for rooms with hard flooring surfaces.


The dustbin of this bObi is somewhat small, which means you are going to have to empty it more often.

In addition, the built-in combs that are used to pick up pet hair will need to be cleaned regularly.

Pet hair can also get tangled in the brushes, which will need to be removed.

The laser eyes need to be wiped on a regular basis, too.






Dimensions: 12.6 x 12.6 x 3.4 inches

Weight: 10 pounds

Running Time: 90 minutes

Recharge Time: 4 hours when first out of the box

Capacity (debris): medium sized bin

Wireless remote: yes

Touchscreen buttons: yes

Automatic charging: yes

Pet hair removal: yes

Washable dustbin: yes

Digital barriers: yes

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