Which Bot Wins? Neato Botvac Connected vs. Roomba 980

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When it comes to choosing a robotic vacuum for your home, there are many choices available.

In this “Which Bot Wins?” showdown, we will compare the Neato Botvac with the Roomba 980.

Both of these robotic vacuums are top sellers – let’s see how they stack up against each other.

Neato Botvac Features

Neato Botvac

Price: $$$$

Warranty: 1 year

Dimensions: 12.7 x 13.2 x 3.9 inches

Weight: 9 pounds

Wireless Control: App available

Navigation: laser/sensors

Battery Time: 2 hours

Auto Recharge: yes

Resume after recharge: yes

Hepa filter: yes

Corner brush:yes

Side Brush: yes



Roomba 980 Features

Roomba 980

Price: $$$$

Warranty: 1 year

Dimensions: 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches

Weight: 12 pounds

Wireless Control: yes

Navigation: multi-room/lasers/sensors

Scheduling Options: yes

Battery Time: 2 hours

Auto Recharge: yes

Resume after recharge: yes

Hepa filter: yes

Corner brush: yes

Side Brush: yes



Neato Botvac Connected

The Neato Botvac Connected is made with the same design of the current line of Botvac models. There have been minor tweaks to the color scheme, but other than than it is the same. It has a D-shaped body, uses the same brush rolls, and offers the same accessories as the existing models. In addition, it uses the same approach to floor cleaning.

Neato BotVac cleaner

The approach to cleaning sends the Botvac Connected around the outside of the room. It feels its way around the walls and cleans up the edges. From that point it will use its navigation system that relies on lasers to sweep along the center of the room. It will dodge furniture and other obstacles as it works. When it is finished with the job it returns to its dock and recharge.

The navigation capabilities are more refined in the Connected than in some of the previous models. Older models would cover the center of a room with a single pass. The Botvac Connected will sweep rooms in both rows and in columns. It also sweeps along the edges of a room several times as well. These extra passes give the robotic vacuum time to pick up any debris that it may have missed during the first pass.

Overall, the Neato Botvac Connected is considered to be one of the best automatic vacuums currently available on the market for the price.

Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 offers the same type of design as past models of the Roomba.

It is round in shape, has 2 main rotating brush along with a side brush that spins. The Roomba 980 also has a removable dust bin that is easy to clean.

Roomba 980

On top of the Roomba 980 you will find a large clean button that is used for both starting and for stopping cycles. If you look closely, you will notice the differences between this newer Roomba model and its predecessors.

The 980 is a different color than the 880. Instead of being glossy black with a silver finish it is more of a blackish/brownish color. In addition, the display is a bit less cluttered. The interface on the 980 consists of just 3 buttons, which are the Clean button already mentioned, as well as a spot mode and a home button.

To start a cleaning cycle simply press the clean button. You can also press the clean button in order to pause a cleaning cycle when the bot is running.

The home button returns the vacuum to its docking station and the spot mode will have the vacuum focus on a concentrated area for a time when you are trying to clean a particularly dirty area instead of the whole floor.

Roomba 980 Brushes

Some of the features that were once controlled by buttons located on the body of the vacuum are now controlled using the iRobot home app, which is available on iOS and Android.

Some of these features include scheduling recurring cleaning cycles, carpet boost, which will clean harder when a rug is detected, two cleaning passes, and edge cleaning.

This is a top selling robotic vacuum because of all of the great features and cleaning capabilities. One downfall of this unit is that it comes with a high price tag.

The Differences

Cleaning Ability

The cleaning ability category is a tough call between these two robotic vacuums.

Both of these models can tackle different surfaces.

However, the Roomba 980 increases its power on the different surfaces, which makes the Roomba the winner of this category.


Another tough category because each of the vacuums offer powerful technology that is built in to help the machines move around.

Both vacuums know when they need to recharge and will then start back at the spot that they finished once they are ready to go.

One advantage the Roomba 980 has is that it is shorter, so it can go in places the Neato Botvac may not be able to.

Navigation of Neato BotVac And Its Competitors

Automation & Scheduling

Both vacuums offer the ability to schedule cleanings and each are self-charging. You can set up each to clean when it is convenient for your schedule. Overall, when it comes to automation and scheduling these vacuums are tied.


Both the Roomba 980 and Neato Botvac Connected require very little in terms of maintenance. Simply empty the dustbins as needed and clean the brushes every once in awhile. Removing the dust bin is quite easy on both models. Cleaning the brushes will require them to be removed, which can be tricky.

The Winner

When it comes down to it, the Neato Botvac Connected and the Roomba 980 have a lot of the same features including self-charging, systematic cleanings, and a double pass feature for intensive cleaning.

If you are looking at price only, the Neato Botvac is the winner as it is around $200 cheaper than the price of the Roomba 980.

However, in terms of cleaning and power, the Roomba 980 is definitely the winner of this showdown.

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