Smart Pool 9i Robotic Pool Cleaner

Smart Pool 9i Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

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Smart Pool 9i Robotic Pool Cleaner

With features like a dual drive motor, strong-grip tracks, and brush-to-port suction, the Smart Pool 9i robotic pool cleaner provides excellent cleaning ability for large-to-medium sized in-ground pools.

The 9i replaces the NC71 Nitro.

In doing so, SmartPool have improved the cleaning performance, ensuring the 9i can navigate over obstacles and climb walls with ease. They have also added a few new features and made it easier to use.

But this is not a Polaris or a Dolphin robot pool cleaner, so don’t expect the same high-tech features.

On the upside, it remains less expensive than the latest Dolphin Quantum and Polaris F9550.

Unfortunately, the SmarPool 9i has a couple of issues you should know about before buying it.

Keep reading to learn what these issues are and for my full review of the Smart Pool 9i.

To compare it with other top-rated robotic pool cleaners, read my recently-updated robotic pool cleaners buying guide.

Cleaning Ability

Smart Pool 9i Robotic Pool Cleaner

The 9i is fitted with tracks rather than wheels, which provides several performance advantages.

For one, it gives the pool cleaner a stronger grip on the pool’s surface. This allows it to move over obstacles and climb over the walls with ease.

Tracks also reduce slip thanks to increased friction between the pool surface and the tracks. Wheels tend to slip a lot on the pool floor which leads to wasted energy.

Using the strong-grip tracks and a dedicated direct-drive motor, the Smart Pool 9i can clean every part of the pool from the floor to the walls and waterline.

The 9i doesn’t offer the most intelligent and efficient navigation like other robotic pool cleaners in its price range. But it also doesn’t wander randomly around the pool.

Instead, it uses a navigation system which allows it to turn at any point in the pool without relying on the walls. It’s not as advanced as the SmartNav mapping and scanning system in the less-expensive Dolphin Escape, but it’s better than just randomly bumping into the walls.

Another feature that makes the 9i great in the pool is the dual motor system. This unit uses two motors; one for the suction system and another for driving the robot. This maximizes traction as well as suction.

The powerful vacuum with its dedicated motor can suck up all kinds of debris.

Also, the 9i has a brush-to-port suction mechanism. Basically, debris is sucked up as soon as the brushes get it loose. This ensures no loss of suction when the pool cleaner vacuums large debris like acorns.

Features We Like

1. Dual Direct-Drive Motors

Smart Pool 9i Robotic Pool Cleaner

Most robotic pool cleaners use a single motor which drives the wheels or tracks and powers the suction system.

This means that the motor power is being split two ways.

The Smart Pool 9i uses a dual motor system. One of the motors is dedicated to just the suction system while the other drives the pool cleaner. This ensures maximum performance for both.

The tracks can move with enough traction to climb walls and go over obstacles, and the suction is powerful enough to handle all kinds of debris from fine sand to twigs and leaves.

2. Brush-to-Port Suction

Smart Pool 9i Robotic Pool Cleaner

In addition to the dual motor setup that provides greater suction power, the 9i uses another trick to maximum suction.

Other robotic pool cleaners have just a single port through which dirt and debris are vacuumed through. This can cause suction to weaken when large pieces are going through. It also makes the suction system work harder because it has to pull in debris from farther away.

To increase cleaning performance, Smart Pool uses a brush-to-port system in the 9i.

Instead of a single port, each brush on the underside of the pool cleaner has its suction port.

So as soon as the brushes agitate dirt and algae from the pool floor and walls, it is sucked up immediately.

This system also ensures that the pool cleaner maintains maximum suction all the time even when vacuuming large pieces like acorns and leaves.

3. Quick-drain System

The 9i weighs just 13lbs. It’s easy to carry by hand.

But it can get feel heavy when you are pulling it out of the water because of the water that has collected inside.

To make it easier to lift from the pool, it comes with a quick-drain system. As you lift it out, the water quickly drains from the back and bottom of the pool cleaner to make it lighter.

The quick-drain mechanism is designed to prevent any backflow of debris back into the pool.

4. Floating Swivel Cord

The 9i has a swivel cord that prevents the cord from tangling around itself or the pool cleaner.

The cord is designed to float on the water to minimize the risk of tangling though some users say it still happens occasionally.

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  • Easy to use.
  • Great cleaning ability.
  • Lightweight.
  • Swivel cord.


  • Filter bag falls off sometimes.
  • Noisy.


  • Dry weight: 13lbs
  • Cycle time: 3 hours
  • 60ft cable
  • For in-ground pools of up to 40ft in length
  • 3-year warranty


While I think it’s a bit pricey for what it offers, the Smart Pool 9i offers excellent cleaning ability.

What it lacks in advanced features like multiple cleaning modes and auto-scheduling, it more than makes up for by leaving your pool spotless.

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