Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

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Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

If there’s one machine that defines the modern high-tech age of pool care it’s the Dolphin Quantum robotic pool cleaner.

This premium robotic pool cleaner is packed full of advanced features that make it perfect choice for inground pools that suffer from algae and other issues that impact vertical surfaces like walls.

Some of its most interesting features include a smart pool-mapping system that saves time and energy, powerful vortex jets that improve vertical and lateral mobility and multiple high-efficiency motors.

Learn about these features and more in my full review, below.

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Cleaning Ability

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

The Dolphin Quantum costs almost $1,000, but it comes with unique advanced cleaning capabilities that justify the price tag for the right pool owner. One of its most important is the SmartNav 2.0 smart scanning and navigation system.

Cheaper robot cleaners often rely on random cleaning cycles, which results in a lot of missed spots and long cleaning cycles that waste a lot of energy.

The Dolphin Quantum, on the other hand, uses scanning sensors and mapping algorithms to scan the pool shape and size and then calculate the best cleaning path. This allows it to cover the entire pool in as little time as possible and to use minimal energy.

Another unique technology on this unit is Dolphin’s new PowerJet 3D Mobility system, which consists of a set of powerful water jets on the sides and on the top of the cleaner that give this cleaner Spiderman-like wall-cleaning abilities.

Instead of just moving up the wall vertically, the Quantum can turn and move laterally along the wall without slipping or flipping. This enables it to clean walls faster and more thoroughly than other pool robots.

The HyperGrip continuous rubber tracks also help the cleaner navigate over the drains and up walls. They hold onto the pool surface more strongly than wheels and don’t slip about especially when going up the wall or stairs.

Like some other premium Dolphin models, the Quantum is fitted with their HyperBrush Dual Scrubbing system. Basically, it’s a couple of brushes spinning very fast used to dislodge stubborn debris and algae from the pool floor and wall.

This ensures that the pool cleaner doesn’t just vacuum up the loose debris in water but also clears away the film of algae and dirt that forms on pool surfaces (a larger nuisance than loose sand and dirt).

After scrubbing, the dirt and debris are vacuumed into the Quantum’s extra-large filter cartridge, which is one of the largest in any pool robot.

The Quantum comes with two types of filters: one for fine dirt and another for larger particles and leaves.

Overall, the Quantum proves it’s worth the high price tag.

The only downside is that it may have some problems navigating stairs, and some owners say the non-swivel cable sometimes gets tangled – but works great most of the time.

Features We Like

1. PowerJet 3D Mobility

PowerJet 3D consists of powerful water jets at the side and on top of the Quantum. These jets give the robot better traction and more precise control especially as it climbs the pool wall. The robot can even move laterally along the wall without flipping over.

2. SmartNav 2.0

This smart pool scanning and navigation system have become a standard feature in many Dolphin brands. It saves a bunch of time and energy because the robot doesn’t just wander around randomly.

The Quantum, for instance, can clean the entire pool in just 2 hours.
It also ensures the robot doesn’t miss a spot. It knows where it’s already been and where it’s yet to clean.

It can also sense where ladders and drains are and avoid them.

3. Dual Filters

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

For a thorough cleaning, the Quantum uses two types of filters. A coarse filter which traps larger debris such as small rocks, leaves and twigs and a finer one for smaller particles and algae.

The filter cartridge itself is enormous, one of the biggest you’ll ever find in a robotic pool cleaner. It holds a lot of debris meaning you don’t have to empty it midway through.

The top-access design makes it easy to remove and put back.

4. HyperBrush Dual Scrubbing

To loosen debris and algae stuck on the wall and floor, the Quantum uses two fast-spinning brushes.

The robot doesn’t just vacuum up loose debris; it also takes down the one that has accumulated on the pool surface.

5. HyperGrip Continuous Tracks

Tracks provide a much stronger grip than wheels, allowing the Quantum to easily slide over drains and climb up the wall.

The unique geometric design of the rubber tracks eliminates slippage which reduces energy wastage.

6. Programmable Schedule

You can program the Quantum to automatically run two times or 3 times a week.


• Large top-access filter cartridge with dual filtration
• Strong-grip rubber tracks and PowerJet 3D for improved navigation
• Smart pool mapping system
• Weekly timer
• 2yr warranty (double the industry standard)


• Sometimes misses stairs
• Heavy
• Pricey


Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

• Filtration: 75 gallons/minute
• Dry weight: 22lbs
• Cycle time: 2.5hrs
• 60ft anti-friction cable
• For in-ground pools
• 2 yr warranty


The Dolphin Quantum is one of the best Dolphin pool cleaners for inground pool owners who constantly battle against algae and other organic growth walls and other vertical surfaces.  It also does a great job cleaning floors and is incredibly energy-efficient.

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