Pet Feedster PF-10 PLUS Automatic Cat Feeder: An In-Depth Review

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The new and improved Pet Feedster PF-10 PLUS CAT is one of the best automated cat feeders for cats with special needs.

This updated model provides just about everything you would want in an automatic cat feeder.

Mischievous cat? They made the feeder more secure and durable.

Overweight cat? The PF-10 cat feeder can dispense smaller amounts of food down to 1 spoon at a time.

Cat on a special diet? You can set the feeder to dispense different amounts of kibble at different times of the day.

Power outage? There are backup batteries.

The PF-10 PLUS automated cat feeder is more expensive than other pet feeders, but it one of the best-designed units selling today in my opinion – and many other pet owners agree.

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That said, it is not a smart pet feeder you can control from outside your home.  If you’re interested in that, then we recommend PetSafe’s Smart Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder.

Continue reading for my full 5-minute review of the PF-10 Plus.

If this is not what you are looking for, then check out my automatic pet feeder buying guide for other top recommendations.

What’s In This Review?

Use this table of contents to skip to the feature you’re most interested in learning about.

Designed Exclusively for Cats

Pet Feedster

This is a feeder designed specifically for cats and their owners.

If you need an automated feeder for your dog, Pet Feedster sells another version for dogs that has a slightly different snout design.

The PF-10 Plus works great for all types and ages of cats, but it is especially good for cats with the following special needs:

  • Mischievous and rough cats who try to steal food from inside the feeder. This feeder comes with an extended snout through which food comes out. Cats can’t get their paws inside the tube and so can’t reach the dispensing mechanism inside to try and get more food. The new PF-10 Plus feeder is also more stable and durable. No matter how rough your cat is, they won’t break it. You can even attach the bowl to the feeder such that they can’t knock it around.
  • Overweight cats. If you want to put your cat on a strict diet, this feeder helps a lot. It can dispense as little as one spoon of kibble. You can also set very strict eating times to keep your cat from overeating.
  • Cats on a special diet. If your cat is on a special diet because of health reasons, the PF-10 Plus gives you the flexibility you need for different types of feeding schedules. You can set it to dispense any amount of food between 6 cups and one tablespoon, and the digital timer lets you set very precise mealtimes. The portions are very accurate, so you can be sure your cat is eating only the amount he’s supposed to.
  • Early risers. If you have one of those cats that wakes you up at 5 am with loud meows, the PF-10 Plus will help you enjoy a more restful morning. Simply set the feeder to dispense food when the cat wakes up, and you don’t have to wake up to feed the cat yourself.

Size and Number of Cats

timed cat feeder

The Pet Feedstar PF-10 is designed for 1-2 cats. But portion control works best with one cat.

If you have two cats, I recommend getting a splitter and two feeding bowls.  Here is one from a third party seller that is designed specifically for the PF-10 Plus CAT. It dispenses food more accurately to each cat compared to feeding them from the same bowl.

As for the size of your cat, the Pet Feedstar PF-10 is ideal for all cat sizes and ages, from kittens to elderly cats.

Just make sure your pet can reach the food bowl with ease.

Food Capacity

Pet Feedster

One of the best features of the PF-10 Plus is its large food capacity.

The hopper can store up to 10 lbs of food, which is quite a lot even if you have two cats. It will easily last a whole day or even several days if you are going away on a trip.

The feeder accepts different kibble sizes ranging from 1/8” to 3/4″ in diameter. This lets you further customize your pet’s diet.

Feeder Capacity and Frequency

Pet Feedster

The feeding bowl is also quite large – enough to hold up to 6 cups of kibble.

The PF-10 has very flexible frequency settings. You can set up to 8 meals a day and vary the amount of food dispensed each time. The digital timer lets you set precise times including the hour and minutes.

Meal Confirmation

The feeder also has an intuitive meal confirmation feature that shows you how many meals have been dispensed. Here’s how it works: on the timer display, there are eight circles to represent eight meals. Each time a meal is dispensed one of the circles turns dark.

So when you come home in the evening, you can see how many meals your cat has eaten. This is not possible with many automatic pet feeders, and you might never even know when the feeder is jammed or the food hopper is empty.

Flex Feeder

The PF-10 dispenses meals using something called a flex feeder.

The flex feeder measures out precise amounts of food to be dispensed into the bowl. You can set it to dispense as little as one spoon of food or as much as 6 cups.

So whether you have an overweight cat who needs to eat very little or two cats that need a lot of food, the PF-10 Plus will work.

The Pet Feedster PF-10 can handle different sizes and shapes of kibble without any problem. You simply adjust the flex feeder to fit the kibble size and shape.

The flex feeder is not just for dispensing food, it also acts as an auger.

As the auger/feeder rotates inside the food hopper, it mixes stored food which breaks-up any clumps or compacted food to prevent jams.

This is important, because food jamming is a common problem with other automatic pet feeders. I’ve not seen that issue with this feeder.

Ant Protection

Pet Feedster

Pet food attracts all sorts of critters, especially ants.

To prevent contamination, Pet Feedstar came up with a brilliant idea. They built a moat.

The food hopper sits on a water tray that traps ants that attempt to climb into the food storage.

You can actually use this feeder outside without worrying about ants or other small critters. Just make sure it is well protected from the elements. And don’t put poison into the water!

Timer and Scheduling Options

Pet Feedster

The Pet Feedstar PF-10 Plus has a digital timer that allows you to set precise feeding times for up to 8 meals. The clock displays time in a 24hr format.

You can set the exact hour and minute food will be dispensed, e.g., 05.00, 08.30, 13.10 and so on. For each feeding, you can also set the exact amount of food that will be dispensed.

You may pause the scheduling at any time using the buttons on the feeder. It will stop dispensing food until you restart it using the same buttons. This is handy when you want to feed the cat yourself on the weekend.

You can also erase stored meal times to create a new schedule.

The PF-10 gives cat owners the option of dispensing extra meals outside of the normal schedule using buttons on the control panel. This is helpful if you want to give your cat an extra meal or feed her manually without setting the timer.

It takes a few days to get accustomed to all the features and settings. Thankfully, the manual is very detailed with lots of practical tips. There are also additional tips and help videos on their website.

Pet Feedster’s customer support is very helpful in case you encounter an issue or problem.


The PF-10 Plus is not a smart pet feeder. It does not connect to WiFi or Bluetooth, which means you cannot control it from an app on your phone.

Everything is controlled using physical buttons on the control panel.

But with smart homes becoming more and more popular, I wouldn’t be surprised if they released an updated version with WiFi connectivity in the near future.

Power Options

The primary power option is an AC power adapter which is included.

But what happens if there is a power outage?

Don’t worry; your pet will not go hungry.

The PF-10 Plus comes with the option of installing 6 D batteries for backup. So even if there is an outage, your meal schedule will not be lost, and the feeder will dispense food as normal.

In fact, you can just use the batteries if you can’t find an outlet to plug in the AC adapter.


As automatic pet feeders go, the PF-10 is a bit more expensive than many other units. It currently costs  on Amazon.

But considering the number of great features, I think it is a bargain – especially for people who own feisty or finicky cats (and who doesn’t?).

The PF-10 gives you freedom and peace of mind, knowing that your cat is eating well without missing meals nor overfeeding.

If you have a cat on a special diet, the PF-10 Plus makes it much easier to take care of.

This unit should also last a long time, thanks to it quality build and tamper-free design. You won’t have to worry about buying another pet feeder after just one year.


If you don’t like this Pet Feedster, you have up to 30 days to return it. They charge a 15% restocking fee for returns, and you are also responsible for shipping.

If you decide to keep it, you’ll be covered for one year against mechanical or electrical defects. Under the warranty, they will replace defective parts for free and if need be, replace the entire unit.


  • Well-made and durable. Even with mischievous cats, the PF-10 Plus will last long.
  • One of the most versatile automatic pet feeders.
  • Jam-proof.
  • Ant protection.
  • Tamper-proof. Cats cannot tamper with the food dispenser.


  • It takes a few days to learn how to use it well.
  • No connectivity. You cannot control or monitor it remotely.
  • Cannot be used with wet food.


If you are looking for a high-quality automatic cat feeder that can deal with any kind of special need – and you don’t care about smartphone or out-of-home controls – then the Pet Feedster PF-10 Plus is a great choice.

While the price is a bit high, all of the special included features deal with almost every issue cat owners worry about when they’re away.

The Pet Feedster makes feeding your cat easy and convenient and ensures your cat remains on a healthy diet.

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