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Watch: The Cutest and Most Realistic Robot Pet Tricks

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Robot pets are not new but their tricks certainly are. Thanks to technology and a growing market for these lovable ‘machines’, robot pets are becoming more realistic. From cute Zoomer puppy tricks to the cuddly Joy For All pup, these pets feel and look almost real.

They are not just for kids to have fun with. Robot pets have been shown to offer the same level of comfort and companionship as real pets. One reason for this is all the cute realistic tricks they have been equipped with.

Don’t believe it? Watch for yourself. Below is a collection of the coolest and cutest robot pets you can get your hands on today.

WoWee ChiP Robot Dog

Tricks: Plays fetch, he can ‘see’, he can recognize his owner, responds to gestures, touch & voice and he can be trained.

This is one of the most popular robot pets for kids. ChiP comes with various tech features that allow him to imitate a real puppy. You can call him, pet his head and even wave at him and he will respond.

But the best part is that he can play fetch. He comes with a special ball embedded with sensors that the dog uses to find it.

To allow him to move around quickly, his feet are equipped with tiny wheels. He can speed across different types of surfaces like an actual pet.

And when his power goes too low, he can find his own charging bed.

Joy For All By Hasbro

Tricks: Responds to petting, rolls over for a belly scratch, realistic heart pulses and purring.

The cat:

The pup:

There are two Joy For All robot pets to choose from: a tabby cat and a golden pup. Both are equipped with features designed to help seniors relax and enjoy some companionship.

They can purr (the cat) or bark (the pup) when you scratch their head. The cat even rolls over to present its belly for scratching.

And if you place your finger on their chests, you can feel a tiny heartbeat.
To complete the realistic imitation, these pets have a furry coat, making them perfect for cuddling.

The ears, paws and even eyes are so realistic that most people will initially think it’s an actual pet.

Here’s a funny video of dogs wondering whether it’s a real pet.

Zoomer Puppy and Kitty

Tricks: Can be trained, responds to petting with barks or purring, intelligent vision, show ‘emotions’, can roll over.

The puppy:

The kitty:

For your kids, these two adorable robot pets are perfect. They are not furry like the Joy For All pets but they come with a boatload of fun tricks.

The puppy can do some of the silly things an actual puppy does – run around (on wheels), roll over for a belly scratch and run around trying to bite his own tail. He can even pretend to pee on the floor.

And like a real puppy, you can teach him new Zoomer puppy tricks like sitting down, rolling around, laying on the floor and shaking your hand. You can even teach him to say ‘I love you’. Read our full Zoomer puppy review.

The Zoomer kitty also has wheels that work well on any floor type. Use the accompanying ball to see her pounce trying to reach it. She can also dance, sing and jump.

When your kids are done playing, the kitty can also cuddle with them. She purrs when you scratch her cheeks and head and can show her emotions using her color-lit eyes: green and blue for happy and red for angry.

FuReal Friends Get Up & Go Go

Tricks: Realistic fur, can be walked, barks, wags tail and responds with sounds.

This is a perfect birthday gift for a girl. The robot pup has real-looking fur and a tail that wags. She can respond to sounds with her own sounds, loves ear scratches and can learn new tricks through the accompanying app.

But the best part is the leash controller. You can take her on a walk. The leash contains a button that you press to get the pup walking. She walks using tiny wheels on her feet.

The FurReal app has many more fun activities that your kids can enjoy. These include interactions with other FurReal pet robots, games and new tricks for the pup to learn.

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