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The Innovative Engineering Inside The New Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum

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The new Roomba i7+ Robot is the world’s fanciest vacuum which keeps on getting better with new technology. Robot vacuum cleaners perform different tasks, but the new Roomba i7+ has cool features that make it unique from other similar offerings.

The new device consists of improved mapping and localization features that make it more effective and efficient in its specialized cleaning tasks. The gadget has an advanced automatic recharging base which also empties the dust bin. You can go for months without any effort toward cleaning your floors.

iRobot makes sure that the Roomba i7+ is reliable and competent enough to suit the cleaning needs of each home across the globe. The devices also feature some extra details that make it unique from other consumer robotics.  For instance, if you have pets in your home, you need to get the best vacuum for pet hair to make your life easier. Vacuuming pet hair is tiresome but thanks to evolving technology, you can now acquire a specialized robot cleaner for the task.  

Challenges Involved In Building The Cleaning Base

According to the manufacturers of the vacuum, the iRobot engineering team spent several years in developing different preliminary versions. The developers used these prototypes to perfect the robot’s process of automatically emptying the dust compartment.

The engineers say that the major challenge was to align the robot evacuation port with the Clean Base port. The base port is the final destination of all the dirt from the robot’s dust compartment. The process entails that the robot vacuum can perform all the tasks from cleaning the floors to disposing of the dirt.

In other words, the user does not need to empty the robot’s dust compartment. The new gadget comes with an additional feature, a Clean Base disposable bag. iRobot engineers were concerned about ensuring that there is no loss of suction between the robot’s dust compartment and disposable bag.

The design of the Roomba i7+ is friendly to the environment since does not permit any form of pollution. The Clean Base automatic disposal of dirt is a tried and tested feature that is suitable for a variety of environments.

What Are The New Features Of The i7+ Robot 

On top of the Imprint Smart Mapping and Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal, the Roomba i7+ has other notable features.  The vacuum’s overall cleaning performance has significantly improved as a result of various updates to the system.

For instance, the robot vacuum now features two multi-surface rubber brushes where one of them has longer fletches. The new features help to improve the process of picking up large debris. Other vacuums can only pick smaller dust particles hence the new features make the Roomba i7+ robot unique.

The new device also features improved airflow system such that there are no leaks that can lead to pollution of the environment. The robot’s motor is now inside the housing of the device, unlike the previous generation where it was in the dustbin.

The new system makes the robot quieter during operation. The feature is necessary since it helps to minimize noise which can be distractive. The user can also wash the bin under running water after removing the filter since it no longer contains electrical components. The new sensor also helps to improve the process of cleaning black carpets.

New Robots Are Getting More Software Intensive

While other generations of robot vacuums are hardware intensive, the new i7+ robot seems to be software intensive. iRobot can differentiate its products from others through a variety of software-enabled capabilities.

For instance, the Roomba i7+ robot has improved processing, memory and mapping capabilities. iRobot is also committed to developing the navigation and intelligence codes that can enhance the experience of Roomba i7+ use. The new robot is a fusion of both hardware and software and the aim to improve its performance.

iRobot makes sure that the software and hardware coexists especially with the use of Wi-Fi. For instance, the new robot features increased processing capability and the design ensures that the processors are cooled.

The software ought to work in collaboration with the hardware to ensure that the processors do not overheat. The cooling effect of the processors helps to maximize the performance of the gadget. The mapping and memory capability also work hand in hand with the hardware to ensure adequate performance of the robot.

What Is iRobot’s Driving Force Behind i7+

iRobot maintains a consistent approach in manufacturing robots that provide value to the users. The primary driving force behind the new gadget is innovation. The company aims to harness on the change to offer products that are unique while at the same time providing excellent performance to the users.

The company is also concerned about satisfying the needs of the customers by offering affordable prices on its improved products. The customers can immensely benefit from robots with better performance compared to other similar offerings.

iRobot also focuses on specialized tasks such as mopping or vacuuming. In the case of vacuuming, the new robot comes with specialized functions such as cleaning pet hair. Many robots cannot perform this task meaning that you should vacuum your floors repeatedly which can be tiresome.

Roomba i7+

What Are Some Of The Consumer Expectations?

The Roomba aims to take its generation of robot vacuums to the next level by improving its cleaning performance. The engineering team closely works with the consumers to incorporate their views and needs in the development of the robot vacuums. Pet hair is always a problem for many family homes, so the Roomba can certainly tackle that problem.

The customers are happy about the mapping capabilities of the robot together with maintaining a smart home ecosystem. The customer’s expectations include aspects such as communicating and working together with the robot vacuum to clean the house.

The consumers also expect customizable commands such as telling the robot to clean certain areas in the house. The new capabilities of Roomba i7+ together with cutting edge technology shows that the robot industry is entering a new era.

Software updates will significantly improve the capabilities of the robots such that they can perform additional tasks. The customers are interested in seeing a scenario where they can meaningfully interact with their robot cleaners over time.

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