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Robot Window Cleaners Poised to Change the Commercial Window-Cleaning Industry

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Robot technology significantly helps to improve our lives in various ways.

A variety of robot vacuums can perform tasks like cleaning floors, especially hardwood floors, in your house while you relax.

There are also other new types of A.I. robots designed to complete challenging smart home tasks.

For example, cleaning the exterior surfaces of windows on multi-story houses or tall buildings is a difficult task.

It is risky, and it also requires sophisticated equipment to hoist people up along the exterior of the buildings, which can be costly.

Now there are new robot window cleaners set to change the commercial window washing industry.

These new window cleaning robots have many advantages since they can help you accomplish tough tasks in shorter time periods and are safer for humans.

The New Portable Robot Window Cleaner

The task of window cleaning mainly involves manual work that is often hazardous.

The cleaners use different methods to reach various levels, but the whole exercise is risky. The process is also tiresome and time-consuming since the cleaners go up with buckets and squeegees.

commercial window washers

The idea of automating window cleaning is not new since there were trials from the 1970s.

The Chinese, for example, have a robot to clean windows that weighs two tons. The machine is too big and more expensive than hiring manual labor, however.

A European company also has a robot limited to full glass windows and requires safety installations.

However, a new robot window cleaner made by a startup, Wall Robotics, has the potential to change the window cleaning services at both domestic and commercial level.

The practice of using ladders while cleaning windows will be a thing of the past thanks to this new invention.

The idea of a portable robot window cleaner seems to be gaining popularity among various commercial businesses. Apart from cleaning windows, the gadget can also perform other tasks like painting and general care for the buildings.

robot window cleaners for building


The invention started as an idea for a paint robot for wall facades.

The device hangs from two cables that are diagonally attached to two opposite ends of building eaves. The robot moves vertically and sideways by winding the wires in and out. It also covers the wall from each corner.

The preliminary versions of the cleaner consisted of a motorized brush roller and a fan on the back. The robot consists of an aluminum frame with spools to hold suspension cables. It also has motors as well as a remote control unit and inlets for electricity and water.

The fan’s role is to produce pressure that in turn presses the roller brush against the window. Demineralized water is then sprayed from the top of the device so that it does not leave any marks when cleaning the window.

The new robot weighs about 66 pounds, and it can fit in the trunk of the car.

The components of the device are available in hardware stores, and mass production can be cost-effective.

window washing robot specs

credit: www.wallrobotic.com


The benefits of the window cleaning robot are measurable, and they outweigh the manual process of cleaning windows.

The robot is fast to set, and it is also easy to use.

It can clean about 32 sq ft per minute, and it is also sustainable than other solutions.

Using this gadget is not as tiresome as performing the cleaning process manually.

You also do not need specialized training to operate the device. The operator gets onsite training for about a week. The training part of using the method is simple. More time is required to train the operator about different aspects of cleaning the robot.

Unlike facing the risk of balancing yourself on the ladder cleaning windows, the robot is safe to use. You do not need to go up the ladder to operate the gadget since you can do it from the ground.  The operator of the current robot uses a remote control for a drone.

The other benefit of this robot window cleaner is that it is cost effective to use and to maintain. The operator needs to master the cleaning techniques of the device otherwise it is easy to maintain. In other words, there are no maintenance costs for the invention which consists of durable material.

When fully operational, the robot cleaner can replace between two and three filters. These cleaners need payment, but a robot window cleaner does not. On top of that, it gives you peace of mind since there no fears of injuries to the cleaners involved.

credit:  Wall Robotics

Further Development

The robot window cleaner is still undergoing development, and the next step is to automate its operation fully. The process requires knowing the exact position of the robot on the x-y axis on the façade. Such a development will help to optimize its movement thereby improving efficiency and effectiveness.

The other significant development phase should include obstacle detection together with neural networks. Object detection helps the operator to control the device remotely without fear of disturbances by obstacles. There are also other mechanical issues that require improvement to make the method useful.

Upon completion of the development of the system, one operator can control about four robots at the same time. In such a scenario, the robots can perform work of about 20 to 30 people.  As such, Wall Robotics can give the customers a substantial return on investment.

The wall robots can be leased, so that would allow you to try it out. The price of the device is affordable, and it can help the customers save up to 80% on cleaning costs of the windows. The customers can drastically cut window cleaning costs since they would not need to hire lots of window washers anymore. The robot cleaner has the potential to reach heights of up to 229 feet (or 70 m) with proper extension cables.

Penetrating The Global Market

Unlike with other products, the new offering seems to attract more customers in different global markets despite its stage of development. The majority of the customers are window cleaning firms, and the company aims to provide robots and accessories. Interestingly, the market has great potential, and there are definite signs of growth.

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