Pet hair

How to Deal With Excess Pet Hair in the House

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Pet hair

Here’s one funny anecdote from a pet owner illustrating the headaches of living with a pet that sheds a lot of hair.

I thought having a certain amount of dog hair in my life was the price I had to pay (for owning a pet).

Pet hair is notoriously difficult to deal with. It gets into everything from the floor to the sofas and rugs. It will find its way into the tightest cracks and pile up in dark corners. It will float around and stick to the wall and windows.

You find hair in your clothes, hair and utensils. It’s in the hallway, it’s in the patio and it’s everywhere.

Nothing you do seems to work. You vacuum and minutes later it’s back. It can be especially problematic if there is someone in the house with allergies or respiratory issues such as asthma.

If your home is like that, here are some things that other pet owners have successfully done to manage excess pet hair.

1. Buy the right vacuum cleaner (Preferably a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner)

Ecovacs DeeBot N79 - best floor robots

There are plenty of pet owners who swear that vacuum cleaners are useless against pet hair. There are also just as many who say buying a vacuum cleaner was the best thing they did.

The trick is getting the right vacuum cleaner. Not all models will get rid of pet hair. It needs to be powerful, have the right filters and have a large enough receptacle to hold all the pet hair it collects.

There are many vacuum cleaners from brands like Dyson that can deal with pet hair. I especially recommend a cordless vacuum cleaner that can reach under seats and into corners.

The downside with these vacuum cleaners is that you still have to do the vacuuming yourself. Many pet owners say they have to vacuum several times a day just to keep the hair at bay.

Here’s a less tiring solution – get a robotic vacuum cleaner. You won’t have to lift a finger and you can even set it to clean automatically at certain times.

As with traditional vacuum cleaners, there are specific brands and models that are the best floor robots for cleaning pet hair.

In our comparison of the best floor robots for pet hair, we choose the Roomba 980 as the best overall. It’s more powerful than most vacuum robots and works just as well on hard flooring as it does on carpeting.

Roomba 980 robot
Other top choices include the Roomba 690, the Roomba 650 and the Neato Botvac D80.

The best thing about robot vacuum cleaners is that they can clean places you cannot reach. It’s also really convenient if your home needs constant vacuuming.

2. Use an air purifier

Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner

In addition to buying a robot vacuum cleaner, I recommend you get an air purifier for pet hair. A robot vacuum will not get all the hair. There will still be some on the sofa and floating around in the air.

An air purifier ensures you don’t breath in pet hair and dander as it can cause long term respiratory damage. It can also be very problematic for people with asthma or allergies.

A stand-up room air purifier should get any pet hair your vacuum cleaner can’t pick. If possible, get one that is labeled specifically for pet hair and dander. It should also be fairly easy to move around. This allows you to use it in different rooms such as the living room during the day, the kitchen as you prepare dinner and the bedroom at night.

3. Brush your dog regularly

There is little you can do to stop your pet from shedding. It’s a natural process that is healthy and normal as long as they are eating a wholesome diet and there is no underlying medical problem.

But you can manage the shedding buy brushing your dog regularly. Instead of waiting for the hair to spread all over, brushing gets rid of any loose hair which is ready to come off. While this won’t stop pet hair from appearing all over the house, you’ll notice a significant reduction.

For serious shedders, try to brush their coat at least once every day.

Note: Though shaving may seem like a no-brainer solution to excess shedding, it’s usually not a good idea. Vets advice against shaving dogs, even in summer, as this interferes with their natural cooling and heat-protection mechanism. The only exception is if you have a breed with an especially thick skin and it’s showing signs of overheating.

4. Protect your upholstery

Let’s face it; trying to completely get rid of pet hair on the floor and furniture is a losing battle. Perhaps it really is the price we pay to live with these adorable buddies.

So if you are not going to keep the hair out of the sofas and rugs, protect them. Use washable slipcovers on your upholstery to make it easier to clean the hair off. For flooring and carpets, use throw rugs especially around areas where the pets spend a lot of time.

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