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Best Robot Lawn Mower 2022: Top 10 Reviews & Buying Guide

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robot lawn mower

Are you looking for a robot lawnmower to replace your old electric or petrol manual lawnmower?

You’ve come to the right place.

The future is here. It’s not in the form of flying cars or personal robot butlers, yet, but through an increasingly large collection of robotic gadgets that handle different chores in our homes.

There are robotic vacuum cleaners like Roomba to clean your floor, robotic pool cleaners to scrub and vacuum your pool and now, robotic lawnmowers to keep your lawn looking pristine.

This buying guide has everything you need to know about robotic lawnmowers plus reviews of the best models to help you choose the right one for your needs.

What’s In This Buying Guide

In this in-depth lawnmower shopping guide, we review the best robotic lawn mowers for residential lawns.

These include robot lawnmowers designed for flat lawns, steep slopes and multiple zones.

We also review lawnmowers for small, medium-sized, and large lawns.

Best Robot Lawn Mowers 2023

1. Best Overall: Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawnmower

Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawn Mower

Robomow is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to robotic lawnmowers. The company, founded in Israel, has been making robotic lawn mowers for over 20 years now.

They sell several models of robot mowers for different types of lawns. Our favorite and the one we think is the best for most homes is the Robomow RS630.

It is a bit pricey, but it provides the best hands-free mowing experience.

It can handle small and large yards (up to 3/4 acre), it’s sturdy yet quiet, and the latest version comes with Alexa compatibility.

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Mowing Performance

The Robomow is perfect for most lawns, including sloped ones and those with multiple zones.

It can mow lawns of up to 3/4 of an acre, pausing when the battery runs down to go back to the charging dock automatically. It will resume mowing after it’s fully charged.

Like most robotic lawn mowers, it doesn’t handle tall grass very well. So if this is your first mow of the season, we recommend using your gas-powered lawnmower for the first cut.

But after that, the RS630 can maintain the lawn on its own.

It cuts the grass to your preferred height with a minimum of 0.8″ and a max cutting height of 3.4″. Adjusting the cutting height is easy.

The mower doesn’t appear to move in any logical pattern. It mows randomly within the boundary wire. But in the end, it covers every inch.

If your lawn has multiple zones, you can designate the main zone and subzones. The robot will mow each one individually.

It can also handle sloped lawns with ease. Holes, tree roots, weeds, and sticks are also not a problem.

Unlike Roombas, you don’t need to clear the yard before mowing. If the robot hits an obstacle, it will stop, reverse, and steer to another direction.

The RS630 does a good job mowing right up to the edges, but you may still need to polish the edges by yourself.

Best Features

Robomow RS630 features

1. Quiet Operation

The electric motor is much quieter compared to a traditional gas motor. You can enjoy time in the yard with your family while the mower is working.

You can even mow at night without disturbing the neighbors.

2. App Control

If you don’t want to use the control panel on the power box, you can connect the mower to your Smartphone via Bluetooth.

You can then control various settings and options on the Robomow app.

3. Scheduling

Set the robot to mow on specific days depending on how fast your lawn grows.

4. Weather Proof with Rain-sensing Ability

The base station and the robot itself are weatherproof.

However, the Robomow cannot mow wet grass. So it has an integrated rain sensor to detect when it’s raining and postpone a scheduled mowing.

If it’s already mowing, it will automatically go back to the base station.

5. Alexa Compatibility (New for 2019)

For the new version, they’ve added Alexa compatibility. Now you can send voice commands to the robot.

6. Safety Features

Safety features include a child lock, a pin-based anti-theft/safety guard system, lift and tilt sensors that automatically stop the blades, an emergency stop button, and a safety switch.

The Robomow RS630 is highly unlikely to hurt kids or pets even if they are playing in the yard when it’s mowing.


Tedious setup: As with most robotic mowers, setting up the boundary wire is a pain. But you only need to do it once. Setting up the scheduler, designating zones and designating zones also takes time.

Problematic app control: Bluetooth connectivity can be problematic, making it challenging to use some app features.

The Robomow RS630 is Best for You If…

You are looking for a robust and reliable robotic lawn mower that can mow a large lawn and handle a lawn with multiple zones.

2. Smartest Robotic Lawn Mower: Husqvarna Automower 315X

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X Robotic Lawn Mower

With GPS-assisted navigation, Alexa and Google Home compatibility and smartphone control, this Husqvarna easily wins the award for the smartest robotic lawnmower.

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Mowing Performance

The Husqvarna 315x is designed for small to medium size lawns of up to 0.4 acres.

Unlike most robot mowers, it doesn’t move randomly. Instead, it maps your yard using an onboard GPS.

This mapping lets the robot know which areas it has covered and which it hasn’t. This optimizes its mowing pattern, ensuring it never goes over the same area twice.

As long as the grass is not too tall, the mower does a great job. Using three pivoting blades, it cuts uniformly and without leaving untouched patches.

The 315x robot mower can handle fairly sloped lawns with a maximum rise of 40% or 22 degrees. Just make sure the grass is not too wet as it could affect the robot’s mobility and cause it to slip.

You can adjust the grass cutting height from a minimum of 0.8″ to a max of 2.4″. The range is smaller than in other robotic mowers, but it should suffice for most lawns.

If your lawn has multiple zones, the Husqvarna 315x is well equipped to handle them. Select the ‘Secondary Area’ setting to activate the multi-zone feature.

Best Features

best robot lawn mower

1. GSM Connectivity with 10yrs Data + Bluetooth

The Husqvarna 315x uses the somewhat outdated GSM technology to connect to your phone and send alerts.

You can also monitor and control the mower remotely from anywhere using the Automower Connect app.

This Husqvarna comes with ten years’ data, so you don’t have to pay monthly fees for data.

It also has short-range Bluetooth connectivity that lets you control the robot from the app when you are near it.

2. Auto-adjusting Mowing Time

Depending on the weather and season, the 315x knows when to mow more intensively (when it’s wet) to prevent overgrowth and when to let off to avoid wearing the lawn (when it’s sunny and dry).

3. LED Headlights

These are not for the robot – it doesn’t need light to see its way around your yard. Instead, the LED lights improve visibility for you at night.

This headlight ensures you or someone else doesn’t run into the robot and lets you easily find it if it gets stuck.

4. Spot Mode

Like robot vacuum cleaners, the Husqvarna 315x has a spot mode that triggers the robot to clean in a spiral pattern around a particular spot.

Use this mode when you want the robot to go over a specific spot again.

5. Voice Commands Via Smart Assistant

The Husqvarna 315x is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. Check the manual for instructions on how to set it up for voice commands.

6. Safe for Outdoor Use

You can leave the mower and docking station in the rain without any risk of damage.

It can also mow in the rain though the manufacturer recommends mowing in dry weather for best performance.

7. Auto-recharge and Resume

If the battery gets low before the robot is done mowing, it will automatically go back to the docking station and resume mowing when it’s fully juiced up.

8. Security Features

The Husqvarna 315x comes with the general safety and security features including PIN access, lift, and tilt sensors and an anti-theft alarm.


Requires professional setup: You cannot set up the boundary wire and base station yourself. Someone will contact you after you purchase to schedule installation. Because of this, you may have to wait a few days before you can use your new robot mower (Note: The purchase cost of the Husqvarna 315x includes installation – you won’t pay extra to have a pro set it up for you).

Dated cellular technology: GSM technology is old technology. We wish more robot lawn mowers used WiFi (though this could cause a problem with range). GSM is especially problematic in places with poor cellular reception.

The Husqvarna 315x is Best for You If…

You are looking for a powerful and efficient robotic lawn mower with advanced smart features like Alexa compatibility and remote app control.

3. Best for Large Lawns: Husqvarna 450X

Husqvarna 450X

If you have a large lawn, you need a robot mower that has a bigger battery, a wider cutting radius, quick navigation, and excellent mowing performance.

We recommend the Husqvarna 450X.

It can handle lawns of up to 1.25 acres and uses GPS-assisted navigation to cover every inch of the yard.

The Husqvarna 450x is available with and without a professional setup. The expert setup option adds $300 to your order and includes the installation kit.

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Mowing Performance

The Husqvarna 450x is one of the most powerful robotic lawnmowers you can buy. It’s also one of the most expensive.

But if you want to keep your lawn neat and healthy without spending your weekends mowing or paying someone to do it, it’s the best choice.

Like the Husqvarna 350x, it uses GPS-assisted navigation to map your lawn and decide where to mow.

For a large lawn, this is particularly helpful. The robot systematically mows section by section without missing any spot or going over the same area twice.

It can handle fairly steep slopes of up to 25 degrees. When it comes to a sloped section, it will correct itself to avoid tipping over.

When the Husqvarna 450X first begins to mow, you might not notice much difference. That’s because it clips only a millimeter or two of grass every time it mows.

But over time, your lawn will become a uniformly mowed carpet. The mower keeps the lawn pristine by leaving the tiny clips of grass on the lawn to decompose.

Best Features

1. GPS Navigation with Triple Wire Guides

If it weren’t for the efficient GPS-assisted navigation, the 450x wouldn’t be able to handle such a large area.

With GPS, it can pinpoint exactly where it has mowed and where it has yet to go. It won’t go over the same area twice, which allows it to cover the lawn faster.

The Husqvarna 450x also uses triple wire guides to enhance navigation. It allows the robot to detect the wire boundaries faster even at a distance.

This detection makes it easier to avoid obstacles and navigate back to the base station.

2. Automower® Connect

Automower® Connect is Husqvarna’s intelligent remote control system that lets you control and monitor the robot wherever you are via cellular connectivity.

You can start and stop the robot, set a schedule, check its state, see where it has mowed and so much more on the smartphone app.

3. Works in the Rain

The robot works best in dry weather, but it can also mow in the rain without any damage.

4. Ultra-silent Drive

The 450x has Husqvarna’s 2-step gearbox system that lowers noise levels to just above barely audible. You can mow at any time without worrying about disturbing your neighbors.

5. LED Headlights

LED headlights allow you to see where the robot is when it’s mowing at night. The lights also flash to alert you to a malfunction.

6. Spot Mode

In this mode, the Husqvarna 450x focuses on a particular area, cutting in a spiral pattern until the grass is uniformly mowed.

This mode is handy for mowing a specific area with tall grass.

7. Theft Protection

An alarm and PIN access ensures no one can steal the mower or use it without your permission. If a burglar carries it away, you can track its exact GPS location using the mobile app.


Pricey: The Husqvarna 450x will cost you quite a bit. The separate installation kit adds to the already high price tag.

Occasionally gets stuck: The 450x can trip easily by tree roots, bushes, and fallen branches. At least, it will alert you so that you can rescue it.

Low max cutting height: The 2.3″ maximum cutting height is limiting for those who’d love taller grass.

The Husqvarna 450x is Best For You If…

You need a powerful, intelligent and efficient robotic lawn mower that can reliably mow your large (0.5-1.25 acres) lawn.

4. Best for Small Lawns: Robomow RS612 Robotic Lawn Mower

Robomow RS612 Robotic Lawn Mower

The Robomow RS612 mows and maintains lawns of up to 1/4 acre in size.

Despite its compact size and limited coverage, the Robomow RS612 surprisingly expensive. But this is an issue with all robotic mowers right now.

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Mowing Performance

As long as you use it within the recommended lawn size, the Robomow RS612 does a great job keeping your lawn neat and healthy.

Like other robotic mowers, it focuses more on maintenance rather than only mowing when the grass gets tall.

During the first run, it might struggle a bit if your grass is too tall. But it can handle heights of up to 6″ though it will need to go over it several times.

To make it easier on the robot, consider using your old mower first to level the grass.

Onwards, the Robomow RS612 cuts just a little bit of grass every day. It will focus on one zone today, move to another tomorrow and so on until it covers the entire lawn.

Your lawn never gets overgrown or unsightly.

The tiny clippings the Robomow cuts are returned to the lawn to provide additional nutrients to keep the grass green and healthy.

The Robomow RS612 can cut right up to the edge thanks to its ‘cut-beyond-the-wheel’ design.

But you need to set up the perimeter wire right to get the best out of the edge mode.

You can set your preferred cutting height with a max of 3.25″, which is higher than that of most robot mowers.

Best Features

1. Bluetooth Connectivity

As long as you are in range, you can control and configure the Robomow RS612 using your smartphone. You can also manually navigate the robot to a specific spot.

2. Rain Sensor

The robot automatically goes back to base when it starts raining. But this is not so much to avoid water damage (the robot and base are weatherproof) but to avoid mowing wet grass.

The RS612 works best when the grass is dry.

3. Can Mow Multiple Zones

You can set the Robomow RS612 to mow up to 4 different zones. Once you designate the zones, it will maintain each at the right grass height.

And don’t worry if your lawn is sloped. The RS612 can handle gradients of up to 20 degrees.

4. PIN Protection

No one can use the robot without the correct pin.

You can use the pin plus an integrated child lock to ensure kids or someone else not familiar with the mower does not get hurt.

PIN access also protects your Robomow from theft.

5. Scheduler

You can set the mower to work on certain days only.


No GSM: US models of the Robomow RS612 lack a GSM module. You cannot remotely control and monitor the robot from your phone. The only option is Bluetooth, which requires you to be close to the mower.

The Robomow RS612 is Best for You If…

You are looking for a robotic lawn mower for a small lawn (1/4 acre or less).

5. Quietest Robot Lawn Mower: McCulloch ROB 1000

McCulloch ROB 1000

Robotic lawn mowers are much quieter than gas-powered ones. You barely hear the electric motor and whirring blades.

The McCulloch ROB 1000 is particularly quiet, producing as little as 57 decibels of noise. That’s quieter than the background noise in a restaurant or office.

This less noise makes it the best choice if you want a robot mower that won’t disturb the neighbors or scare your pets.

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Mowing Performance

The McCulloch ROB 1000 is designed for small lawns of up to 0.25 acres, and inclines of up to 14 degrees.

For the price (several hundred dollars cheaper than the Robomow RS612), the McCulloch ROB 1000 does a surprisingly good job.

It cuts the grass in a random pattern but eventually covers every inch.

It can work in any weather, though it may have some trouble with traction when it’s raining.

There are also a few limitations you should know about before you settle on the ROB 1000.

For one, it has a much lower maximum mowing height compared to other robot vacuums – just 1.97″. The cutting width is also fairly small at just 17cm. It takes more sessions to cover the entire lawn.

In contrast, the Robomow RS612 has a max cutting height of 3.25″ and a cutting width of 56cm.

But if your lawn is small and you prefer your grass low, the McCulloch ROB 1000 is perfect.

Best Features

McCulloch ROB 1000 features

1. Round the Clock Mowing

The McCulloch ROB 1000 is weatherproof, meaning it can mow the lawn in any weather. However, performance may be lower when the grass is wet.

But as long as the grass is not too tall and the lawn not too steep, it’ll still do a great job.

2. Very Quiet

The McCulloch ROB 1000 is one of the quietest robotic lawnmowers. As one customer noted, the chirp it produces when leaving the base station is louder than the actual mowing.

You can schedule it to mow at night without worrying about too much noise. You can also enjoy your lawn while it’s at work.

3. Safety and Anti-theft Features

Lift and tilt sensors instantly stop the blades if the robot is tipped or lifted.

PIN access and a loud alarm protect against theft.

4. Scheduler

Using the control panel on the power unit, you can set the robot to learn on any day you like. Schedule it to run every day, every other day or on specific days only.


No Bluetooth or GSM: The only way to configure the ROB 1000 is by using the physical buttons on the control panel.

Low maximum cutting height: The McCulloch ROB 1000 is not ideal for those who prefer maintaining their lawn at a height higher than 2″.

Can not handle steep lawns: The maximum lawn gradient it can handle is 14 degrees or 20%, making it ideal only for flat and slightly sloped yards.

The McCulloch ROB 1000 is Best for You If…

You are looking for the quietest robotic lawn mower you can get for your small lawn.

6. Best Budget Robot Lawn Mower: Robomow RX12

Robomow RX12

Because they are still relatively novel gadgets, robot lawn mowers are expensive with the best models costing over $2,000.

If you want a smaller robot mower for a small lawn, you still have to spend over $1,000.

The Robomow RX12 is one of the very few robot lawn mowers that go for under $1,000. It’s a great choice for those who are looking for a budget, no-frills robot lawn mower for a small yard.

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Mowing Performance

As we expected at this price point, the Robomow RX12 has many limitations.

It works best on small, flat and smooth lawns. Tree roots, bumps, and ledges will easily trap it, causing the wheels to spin and make unsightly holes in your lawn.

It’s also very limited in the area it can mow.

Robomow recommends it for lawns not bigger than 0.05 acres or 2,178 square feet.

As long as your lawn is under the recommended maximum size, is flat and relatively smooth, the RX12 works almost as well as other expensive mowers.

You can adjust the cutting height between 0.5″ and 1.75″, a minimal range compared to other robot lawnmowers.

Best Features

1. Auto-docking

The Robomow RX12 will mow for about 90-120 minutes and then automatically drive back to the base station to recharge.

2. Weatherproof

You can safely set up the base station outside. Both the station and the robot mower are impervious to rain.

3. Safety Features

The RX12 includes a child lock, a lift-and-tilt sensor as well as an emergency stop button.

However, it lacks any anti-theft features.


Limited performance: The RX12 can only mow small gardens that are flat (max 8.5 degrees inclines) and free of any obstructions.

No anti-theft protection: There’s no alarm or PIN locking.

No connectivity: You cannot control the RX12 from your phone or Robomow’s web app. It lacks Bluetooth and GSM connectivity.

No scheduling: You have to press the start button every time you want the RX12 to mow the lawn. You cannot schedule it to mow when you are not home.

The Robomow RX12 is Best for You If…

You are looking for a budget robotic lawn mower to help you maintain your small yard.

7. Best Overall Value: WORX WG794 Landroid

WORX WG794 Landroid

If the Robomow RX12 is a bit too barebones for you, the WORX WG794 Landroid is a good alternative.

It costs about $400 more than the RX12 though it’s still one of the cheapest robotic lawn mowers in the market. The Landroid can mow a bigger lawn, handle steeper inclines and get over obstacles without getting stuck.

The only thing it lacks is remote connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi.

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Mowing Performance

The Landroid is certainly no Husqvarna, but it does a pretty good job on small to midsize lawns. The maximum recommended cutting area is 1/4 acre.

One thing we love about the Landroid is how easily it handles complicated lawns.

Using what the manufacturer calls AIA technology, it intelligently navigates narrow and intricate areas of the lawn to make sure every inch is covered.

It can also handle inclines of up to 20 degrees, which is quite impressive for a lawnmower of this price.

Another impressive capability is how high it can cut your grass – up to 4″. That’s higher than any of the robot mowers we have reviewed.

The minimum cutting height is 1.6″.

Best Features

robot lawn mower best

1. Automatically Returns to Base

The Landroid will automatically go back to base if the battery gets too low or if it starts raining (doesn’t work well when the grass is wet).

2. Dual Motors

Dual motors make the Landroid just as powerful as other more expensive robot lawnmowers. It can handle tall and tough grasses and drive up steep lawns without getting stuck.

3. Safety and Anti-theft Features

These include a PIN lock, a super loud alarm as well as lift and tilt sensors.

4. Customizable Mowing Schedule

You can set the Landroid to mow only on specific days using the control panel hidden under the lid.


No connectivity: The only way to configure it is by using the keypad on the robot. There is no Bluetooth or GSM connectivity for remote control.

The WORX WG794 Landroid is Best for You If…

You are looking for a powerful and reliable yet pocket-friendly robotic lawnmower.

8. Husqvarna 430x

Husqvarna 430x

If the Husqvarna 450x is too expensive or you don’t need its 1.25-acre mowing capacity, the 430x is a slightly cheaper alternative.

It has reduced the run time (145 minutes vs. 270 mins of the 450x), making the 430X ideal for mid-sized lawns.

The manufacturer recommends it for lawns of up to 0.8 acres with an allowance of up to 1 acre.

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Mowing Performance

Like the 450x, the Husqvarna 430x uses GPS-assisted navigation to cover the lawn efficiently. This is especially helpful for the large lawns it’s designed to maintain.

It knows where it’s been and which areas it has yet to mow. This not only ensures uniform mowing, but it also speeds up mowing time by ensuring the mower does not go over the same areas more than once.

The mower uses strong carbon steel blades that you can adjust to different cutting heights between 0.8 and 2.4 inches.

The 430x can handle steep slopes with a max gradient of 45%(25 degrees).

The mower adapts to your lawn’s growth rate.

It spends more time mowing during fast growth to keep the grass from getting too high. It reduces mowing intensity during slow growth times to avoid wearing the lawn.

No matter the season, the Husqvarna 430x keeps your lawn looking neat and healthy.

Best Features

1. Automower® Connect

You can control and monitor the 430x from your smartphone. You can also receive alarms and alerts when there’s a problem.

Automower® Connect also allows you to track your mower via GPS in case it is stolen.

Automower® Connect works using cellular technology. Ten years of free data is included with your purchase.

2. Voice Commands

The newest versions Husqvarna robot mowers with Automower® Connect are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

You can send voice commands from your phone or a smart speaker.

3. LED Headlights

The lights allow you to track the robot’s position when it’s mowing at night.

4. Loud Alarm and PIN Code Access

If a thief tries to steal the mower, it produces a deafening alarm. Even if you are not home, it’s bound to alert the neighbors.

You’ll also get an alert on your phone.

If they do manage to go with it, it’s useless without the correct PIN.


Pricey: All that power and those smart features come at a high price tag. But it’s worth it and will pay for itself over time.

Limited cutting height: The maximum cutting height is 2.4″, which is low compared to how high other robot lawn mowers can cut.

The Husqvarna 430x is Best for You If…

You are looking for a powerful robotic lawn mower for a 0.5-1 acre lawn.

9. Gardena 4069 R80Li

Gardena 4069 R80Li

Gardena is a gardening company owned by Husqvarna.

While Husqvarna focuses on outdoor power tools, Gardena deals in smaller garden tools like hoses, sprayers, and trimmers.

Even their robotic lawn mowers are smaller and less powerful than the Husqvarna mowing beasts we have reviewed. They are designed mostly for urban homes with small lawns.

The R80Li is for medium size gardens of up to 8611 square feet.

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Mowing Performance

The Gardena R80Li moves in a random pattern, uniformly cutting grass to the set height (you can set it to between 0.7″ and 2″).

It may take a couple or more sessions to level out the lawn completely, but it will eventually cover every inch.

After that, it goes into maintenance mode, only snipping off a tiny bit of grass at the top to maintain the lawn in a perfect condition.

The R80Li can handle lawns with a complicated pattern as well as slightly sloped lawns with an incline of up to 25% or 14 degrees.

It keeps working even when it’s raining.

Best Features

1. Auto-recharge

The Gardena R80Li automatically goes back to the charging dock when the battery gets low.

2. Anti-theft Protection

If someone tries to take away the robot, it produces a loud anti-theft alarm to alert you or the neighbors.

The R80Li also comes with an installation lock and PIN code access for added safety.

3. Easy Programming

The Gardena R80Li has a keypad beneath a lid at the top. Here you can configure the robot’s settings and set a mowing schedule.


No connectivity: You cannot schedule or configure the R80Li mower from your phone. It has no Bluetooth or GSM connectivity.

The Gardena R80Li is Best for You If…

You are looking for a quiet, reliable, and powerful robot mower for your small lawn.

10. Husqvarna 115H

Husqvarna 115H

If you are looking for an affordable Husqvarna robot lawnmower, we recommend the 115H model. It’s an entry-level Husqvarna mower designed for small and medium-size lawns of up to 0.4 acres.

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Mowing Performance

The Husqvarna is no 450x or 430x, but it’s still surprisingly powerful considering the price point.

It can comfortably mow lawns between 1/4 and 1/2 an acre, providing a uniform carpet-like finish after a few days of mowing.

It doesn’t have GPS-navigation like other Husqvarna models, but that doesn’t stop it from providing 100% coverage. It might be a bit slower and more random in its movements, but it will eventually cover every inch.

You can select a cutting height between 2″ and 3.6″.

The 115H works in all weather conditions and can mow sloped lawns with inclines of up to 30% or around 17 degrees.

Best Features

Husqvarna 115H features

1. Automower® Connect Bluetooth Connectivity

You can control the mower via your smartphone from 100 feet away. You need to download the Automower Connect app and then link the robot to your phone via Bluetooth.

2. Free Installation with Purchase

Robot lawnmowers are a headache to set up. So Husqvarna includes installation in the purchase price.

A Husqvarna professional will contact you within 48 hours of purchase.

This service includes setting up the boundary and guidewire (the hardest part), setting up the weekly timer, configuring security settings, and setting up the app for you.

3. Anti-Theft and Safety Features

The Husqvarna 115H comes all the standard safety and anti-theft features including lift and tilt sensors, alarm and PIN lock.


No GPS: This is standard in premium Husqvarna models like the 450x and 315x. The 315H does not handle complicated lawns as efficiently as the more expensive GPS-enabled mowers.

The Husqvarna 115H is Best For You If…

You are looking for a cheaper Husqvarna robotic lawn mower for your medium size lawn.

What is a Robot Lawn Mower?

best robot lawn mower

A robot lawn mower is a gadget that mows your lawn automatically without requiring any pushing or steering.

It moves entirely on its own powered by an electric motor.

Robot lawnmowers are relatively new in the United States. They are more common in Europe.

But they are getting more popular as homeowners discover the cost savings of using a robot mower compared to paying for lawn maintenance.

If you prefer mowing your lawn, a robot mower saves you a lot of time, ensuring you can enjoy your weekends while still maintaining a perfect lawn.

How A Robot Lawn Mower Works

Working of robot lawn mower

The mower has a set of blades underneath that cut the grass to a specific height. You can easily adjust the height within a specific range.

Some mowers allow you to go as high as 4″ while others have a maximum cutting height of only 2″.

Unlike traditional mowers, robotic mowers do not bag the grass they cut. Instead, they let the tiny clippings fall back on the lawn to fertilize the soil.

The clippings are too small to stifle the grass, so you don’t have to bother raking or to collect them after mowing.

Because the robot mows frequently – every day or every few days – the lawn maintains the perfect height and look all year round.

Setting Up the Boundary Wire

Before the mower can get to work, you have to set up the boundary and guidewire. This is the most tedious part of the setup and could easily take more than 6 hours for large lawns.

It will be easier if you stagger installation over several days.

The boundary wire keeps the robot from going beyond the lawn or going somewhere you don’t want it to such as a flower bed.

Some robot mowers use the guidewire to recognize and mow different zones of the lawn.

The wire is also important for guiding the robot back to the base when the battery gets low.

Most robotic mowers come with everything you need to install the wire including pegs to secure it to the ground and several hundred feet of the boundary wire itself.

Some companies like Husqvarna also provide professional installation either as part of the purchase cost or at an extra fee.

If the manufacturer you buy from does not provide installation services, check online if there are professional installers in your area.

But if you have two hours free every day, you can install the wire yourself in 2-3 days.

In addition to the boundary wire, you also have to set up the base station where the mower recharges and connect it to a power source.

You can usually set up the base station outside on the lawn since it is weatherproof.


How does a robot lawnmower know where to go?

Unlike robot vacuum cleaners, robot mowers don’t have high tech scanning and mapping tools. Most simply mow randomly until the entire lawn is covered.

If it bumps into a tree or some other obstacle, it will stop, reverse, and change direction.

Husqvarna robot mowers have GPS. They can tell where they have mowed and which areas they have yet to cover.

This improves mowing speed and efficiency, especially for large lawns.

Most robot mowers can handle sloped lawns without slipping or tipping backward. But make sure you check the maximum angle a robot can handle before buying.

The best mowers can go up inclines of up to 25 degrees.


Robot mowers use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, though some cheaper models have lead-acid batteries.

The battery powers an electric motor that operates the wheels and blades. Some robot mowers have two motors for extra power.

Because robot lawnmowers use electric motors, usually the quiet brushless type, they are super quiet. You might not hear it working from just a few feet away.

The mower recharges at the base station then goes out to mow at the scheduled time or when you press the ON button.

Almost all robot mowers have an auto-recharge feature. The robot automatically goes back to the charging dock when the battery runs low.

Are Lawn Mowers Safe for Pets and Kids?

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Considering that it works quietly and there is no one there to monitor it, it may seem like a robot lawn mower is a disaster waiting to happen especially in homes with curious kids and pets.

Not to worry; robot lawn mowers are safe for everyone.

If the mower bumps into someone, it will immediately stop and turn off the blades. It will then reverse and change direction.

If someone tries to lift or tilt the mower while it’s moving, sensors instantly stop the blades.

Can Someone Steal the Mower from My Yard?

anti-theft protection

Most robot lawn mowers come with anti-theft protection.

These include a PIN lock and an alarm.

If the alarm doesn’t stop a potential thief, the mower will still be useless to them since a PIN locks it.

Benefits of Switching to a Robot Lawn Mower

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Saves time: Buy a robotic lawnmower and get your weekends back. You don’t even have to be home for the mower to work.

Saves money: If you’ve been paying for a lawn maintenance service, buying a robot lawn mower is a solid financial decision. It will cost you quite a bit at first, but it will pay for itself in savings. If you have been using a gas-powered lawnmower, you’ll save on fuel costs. A lawnmower uses very little power.

Keeps your lawn healthy: With a traditional mower, it’s easy to let your lawn become overgrown and unhealthy. You probably don’t have the time to maintain a proper mowing schedule. A robot mower can work every day, in any weather, to keep your lawn healthy and pristine.

Quiet: With a robotic lawnmower, you can mow the lawn at night if you want. It’s so quiet that you don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors.

Limitations of Robot Lawn Mowers

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Expensive: A decent robot mower will cost you between $1,000 and $2,000. Mowers for large lawns (over 1 acre), cost well over $2,000. But we expect prices to come down as demand rises.

No patterns: If you love a striped lawn finish, a robot lawnmower is not for you. They don’t cut grass in any particular pattern.

You have to trim the edges manually: Even robot lawn mowers that claim to be good at cutting edges are not perfect. You still have to trim the edges manually.

Tedious to set up: Installing the boundary wire is a pain and takes hours. Hopefully, someone will come up with a mowing robot that doesn’t require a boundary wire.

No Wi-Fi: Perhaps because of range issues most robot mowers don’t provide WiFi connectivity. They rely on either GSM, which is problematic in places with a poor cellular network or Bluetooth, which requires you to be close to the mower.

Features to Look for When Buying a Robot Lawn Mower

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1. Maximum Cutting Area

Get a robot lawnmower that can handle your lawn size.

Robot mowers range from compact models that can only mow up to 2,000 square feet to powerful workhorses that can mow lawns over 1 acre.

2. Maximum Cutting Angle

Some mowers are designed for relatively flat lawns while others can go up inclines as steep as 25 degrees.

Check the manufacturer’s recommendations and make sure they are in line with your lawn’s topography.

3. Remote App Control

If you want to be able to control and monitor the mower from your phone, check that it has either GSM or Bluetooth.

A GSM module allows you to control it from anywhere while Bluetooth is only good when you are in range.

4. Multi-zone Capability

If your lawn has a complex shape with multiple zones and narrow path, get a robot mower that is designed to handle such a landscape.

It should have a multi-zone feature that allows you to designate specific mowing zones.

5. Installation Kit Included

Check if the mower comes with everything you need to set it up. Some companies sell the installation kit separately.

6. Adjustable Cutting Height

All robot lawn mowers let you adjust the cutting height. What differs is the adjustment range.

If you prefer leaving your grass a bit high, look for a mower with a max cutting height of 3-4 inches.

Don’t forget to check the minimum cutting height. It’s less than 1″ in some robot mowers and 2″ in others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Are robotic lawn mowers any good?

Robotic lawn mowers are not perfect, and they are still undergoing a lot of improvement, but they are still great for homeowners who don’t want to spend hours pushing a traditional lawnmower.

A robot mower maintains your lawn in perfect condition all year round.

Can a robot lawn mower mow a 1acre Lawn?

Yes, it can. You need to get the right one.

Different mowers have varying mowing capacities. Some are designed for small lawns (1/4 acre or less), others for medium size lawns (1/2 acre to 1 acre) and others for large lawns (1 acre and bigger).

Husqvarna robot lawn mowers are the best for 1-acre lawns.

Are robotic lawnmowers safe?

Robot mowers are equipped with several safety features including a bump sensor, tilt sensors, and lift sensors.

If it bumps into someone or a child tries to lift it, it will instantly stop the blades.

Are robot lawn mowers loud?

Robot lawnmowers operate very quietly since they use electric motors. The average noise level is 60 decibels, which is the same level as a normal conversation.

Where to Get the Best Deals

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Amazon has the best deals on robotic lawnmowers.

You can get a large variety of models and brands with lower prices compared to home improvement stores.

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