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Whiz AI Vacuum Brings Robotic Vacuums Into The Office

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Robotic vacuums can make our lives easy by performing routine cleaning tasks that can be tiresome at times. Whiz Vacuum from SoftBank Corp., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is the latest device in the robotics business. This vacuum uses artificial intelligence (AI) to specifically clean offices.

The robot vacuum is set to hit the market in Japan beginning March 2019. The rental charge for the robot will be 25,000 yen ($222) and the device is expected to penetrate overseas markets probably by the end of 2019. The robot industry is significantly gaining prominence in different places since the devices offer significant benefits to the users.

Key Features Of The Whiz Vacuum

The Whiz AI Vacuum is capable of vacuuming about 1,500 square meters in about three hours. The other important aspect about the robot is that it can retrace its route after just one “lesson” from a human being. In other words, you only need to teach it once how it is supposed to clean your place.

The other notable aspect about the robot is that it consists of multiple sensors that help it to avoid obstacles along its way. The robot also has a three-dimensional camera that allows it again to avoid bumping into obstacles.

This new vacuum can handle an entire office floor in a matter of hours.  The robot can also clean your house while you relax and it does not need your supervision once it is accustomed to the place.

The robot comes at the right time as the cleaning industry continues to experience labor shortages due to various reasons. The rental charge for the robot is affordable such that you can try it to improve your life.

Whiz vaccuum

Benefits Of The Robot

A robot helps you save money in the long run since you do not pay any salary for the work it performs. Workers need payment, and they also require other benefits for the services offered and these contribute to an increase in operational costs.  The additional advantage of the robot is that it is consistent in its cleaning pattern.

The robot also promises other “infinite possibilities” in other applications that include food services and goods transportation indoors and outdoors. AI robots are advantageous in that they can perform multiple tasks without the supervision of human beings. In other words, a robot gives you peace of mind since it can perform different tasks and never calls in sick.

A Chinese company is responsible for handling the production of the Whiz Vacuum robot. The Whiz comes after SoftBank’s essential robot called Pepper, the talking robot. The Whiz offers unique features that make it a force to reckon with in the robotics industry. It is a new offering in the market, but it has handsome features that make it unique. The gadget can give you peace of mind as it can do all the cleaning for you.

However, there are also various other types of robots in the market, and Roomba 980 currently stands as the most powerful. It has key features that make it unique from other similar gadgets. The gadget has additional sensors that help it to map the room. It can also clean the edges, corners, and filtering for allergies is important, too those are usually a problem for other ordinary vacuum cleaners.

Source: SoftBank Robotics

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