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Introducing Tertill, Your Solar-Powered Robotic Gardener

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Robotic technology is continually evolving, with an aim to improve our lives in many ways.

There are different types of robotic cleaners available today designed to a wide range of tasks for us including:

For instance, the soon to be available Tertill, is a solar robot gardener that can perform wonders by removing all the weeds from your garden. The new robot is impressive in that it is friendly to the environment and it can also perform various tasks without supervision.

If you also want to gain knowledge about the latest robotic technology, you can also check out the best robotic pool cleaners. You can gain insight into the benefits of adopting this kind of technology in your home. In the case of the solar-powered robotic gardener, you will realize that it is a valuable device that can make your life easy.

What Is Tertill?

Tertill is a new robot made by Franklin Robotics, that can act as a gardener and it helps to prevent weeds from growing in your garden. Joe Jones, the inventor of the Roomba robot, created Tertill, and it is supposed to live in your garden. The fantastic robot takes care of the weeding using solar power to keep itself moving around.

Whether it is sunny or raining, Tertill looks after your vegetable or flower garden with care. You can enjoy a weed-free garden with this particular robot, and you would not experience the frustration of weeding your yard anymore.

If you are an organic gardener, Tertill can help you to enjoy a chemical free as well as weed free gardening the whole season. This robot can be a game changer to the gardeners since they can perform other tasks apart from weeding their plots.

Key Features Of The Robot

Tertill the robotic weed killer

credit: Franklin Robotics

The robot consists of a variety of sensors, and it patrols your garden, and it aims to eliminate all weeds before they grow. The robot has a unique design, and it uses its sensors to identify grass. Its design helps it to navigate your garden and eliminate all the unwanted grass that can affect the growth and development of your crops.

Tertill also uses its sensors to avoid obstacles as well as plants in your garden. You do not need to supervise this robotic gardener while it clears your yard of any unwanted weed. The device also uses its sensors to map the garden so that it can eliminate the grass before it develops.

Tertill has a weatherproof design that makes it durable under different conditions. It can sustain extreme weather conditions and still perform well. The robot also has solid camber wheels that can help it move in different types of soil in your garden.

The other notable feature about Tertill is that it has a self-charging system consisting of a small solar panel. The panel absorbs the power from the sun, and the solar cell converts it into electricity. The robot’s solar system can absorb energy when there is sunlight or during cloudy days.

How Does Tertill Function?

Tertill uses a simple mechanism to remove weeds from your garden. Other plants like flowers and vegetables are taller than grass. Therefore, a plant that is tall enough to touch the robot’s front shell activates a sensor that can make it turn away. Thus, the robot does not attempt to cut plants that are taller than its height.

On the other hand, Tertill also uses its sensors to turn on the weed cutter when it moves plants that are short enough to pass under its shell. The robot cuts the weeds using a spinning string trimmer. The trimmer can cut off the weeds that are near the ground, and it repeatedly performs the same action every day.

Since Tertill lives in your garden, it will perform the same action every day where it patrols the area looking for weeds. The robot will never allow the grass to develop any leaves that it requires to regain its energy to grow. The grass will eventually give up and die if it fails to get the opportunity to establish some leaves.

Benefits Of Tertill

The primary advantage of Tertill is that it is simple to use. It is effortless since you do not need to monitor or control it even with a remote controller. The device stays in the garden, and it uses its sensors to patrol the place and cut off the grass. Your presence is not necessary, so this robot can give you peace of mind when you know that your garden is always in good shape.

Tertill uses solar energy, and it is friendly to the environment. The device does not emit any components that can have an impact on the environment. The solar-powered robotic gardener is also cost-effective in that it does not give you worries about electricity bills. While many robots are small and their consumption of electric power may seem to be insignificant, they contribute to the monthly utility bills. Therefore, if you buy Tertill, you do not have any worry about recharging the device.

The other benefit of Tertill is that it is active during sunny days. The weeds grow faster when it is sunny, so the robot eliminates them as soon as they develop. On the other hand, the weeds grow slowly when there is less light.  Therefore, you always know that the growth of plants in your garden are under control.

You do not need to worry when there is no light for a few days since plant growth is also slow during the same period. However, the robot can still recharge under cloudy conditions though the power might be weak. You also have no worries about power outages since the robot uses free solar energy.

You also do not need to replace or charge Tertil’s battery since it smartly uses the power stored. In case of continued cloudy conditions when it also has less energy available, the robot patrols the garden to look for weeds less often. The robot uses its senses to determine the amount of power it requires operating at optimum level.

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