Stella Artois Gadget Turns Your Roomba Into a Waiter: And You Can Get One Now

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There are different types of iRobot Roombas, and they are designed to make your life easier in many ways. Robotic vacuums use artificial intelligence to clean the floor, and they have various features that make them unique.  Some robot vacuums are sophisticated than the others, but they generally perform the same tasks and have similar mechanisms.  choose one made for hard floors

For example, if you need to choose one made for hard floors, the Roomba 960 model is the vacuum to select.  The 960 model incorporates the wet mopping and vacuuming features into one unit. The robot cleaner also has intelligent features like smartphone control and smart navigation. It is programmable such that you do not need to command it every time to do something.

Apart from offering floor cleaning services, do you know that you can turn your iRobot Roomba into a waiter? The latest technological advancements in the robot industry make it possible for you to use your robot as a personal waiter. It can perform various tasks that a human waiter would do.

However, Stella Artois Bartending Automated Robotic Technology (BART) can only serve drinks, but it cannot make them. If you want to relax with guests, the new robot technology can save you from the hassles of hiring someone to serve drinks. If you want the gadget, you can get it now, but you should know how it functions.

How To Use The Roomba Vacuum As Your Personal Waiter

Regarding cleaning a hard floor, the Roomba 960 has powerful suction, and it can quickly pick food crumbs. The robot can also pick up dust and clean debris from the floor and other items like pet hair. The smart vacuum can perform different tasks that a waiter should do. The additional notable advantage of a robot is that it does not have to be paid like a human waiter.

The major significant aspect about the Roomba Robot is that it uses a three-stage cleaning system. It starts with loosening dirt from the floor then lifts it using brushes and finally vacuums the dirt using its powerful suction. The other advantage of the device is that it has dirt detect sensor.

You can also control the robot vacuum remotely, and it can still function correctly. You do not need to bother yourself with supervising it. If you choose to use it as a waiter, then you can program it to perform the task. The robot is capable of serving the guests with drinks and snacks without human interference.

Toasting with beer glasses

Key Features Of B.A.R.T

The Bartending Automated Robotic Technology (Stella Artois BART) consists of a plastic tray together with a matching pedestal. You securely affix the component on top of the robot vacuum cleaner. The tray can hold up to four glasses and four beer bottles and can deliver them directly to the guests.

The device also has a spot on the center that can hold a bowl of snacks for the guests. Altogether, the automated robotic technology can serve eight people with beers at the same time. In most cases, people who host holiday parties spend more time running around serving the guests. They also spend more time cleaning the place instead of enjoying quality time with their guests.

The current Bartending Automated Robotic Technology can only serve readymade drinks, but there are developments taking place to improve the system. Facebook’s new mixology chatbot in conjunction with Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Allrecipes aims to strengthen the bartender to offer recipes.

The new developments will see the bartender dispensing cocktail recommendations for customized cocktails. The recommendations come from me from what will be trending during a particular season. If you do not know what you want, the bartender can give you suggestions about how you can make it.

For instance, certain beverages pair well with specific types of food such as Vodka and red meat. If you do not have the required ingredients, Barkeep is another facility that will give you an option of placing an order via Drizly. The service offers a delivery period of one hour, and you can enjoy with family and friends.

Source: Stella Artois

Benefits Of Using BART During Holiday Parties

If you want to relax and enjoy in style with family and friends, the Bartending Automated Robotic Technology is ideal for you. You may not need to look further than this new technology that can perform necessary tasks while you relax.

The robot waiter can give you peace of mind while at the same time making your life easier. The gadget uses artificial intelligence, so you do not need to supervise it constantly. You program it to perform specific tasks and leave it. The robot vacuum has multiple sensors that help it to navigate its way in your home.

The robot is a pretty genius in that it can clean itself after serving you drinks. On top of that, the robot vacuum can also clean the area around after the party. The technology is still new, but it promises to be an instant heat with people who want to make their lives easier especially during parties.

Stella Artois BART system is advantageous in that it is not that complicated as many people may think. Once you have a robot vacuum, then you can quickly acquire the plastic tray and its affordable pedestal price of about $20. You can get the details about where you can obtain BART from their main website.

Alternatively, you can make your own BART from scratch if you have a 3D printer. You can obtain the blueprints for building your drink stand from here. When making this drink stand or tray, you only need the right material, and the other advantage is that it is cost effective. It is cheap to maintain since it does not involve any electronics apart from the robot vacuum.

The new robot technology of bartending can go a long way in improving the way people hold parties if put to good use. While many people still need to familiarize themselves with new technology, they should know that it can make their life easy. Nothing is exciting as sending the robot to serve you some drinks while you relax.

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