Best Spring Deals For Cleaning: Roomba, Ecovacs & Shark Get Price Cuts

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In another realm of dragons and the undead, winter has already arrived. But here at home, the weather’s just starting to warm up and most probably you are searching for the best spring deals for cleaning.

It’s a perfect time to get outside and have fun. Unfortunately, it’s also an ideal time to get started with the cleaning you have been putting off citing the biting cold as an excuse.

Luckily, you don’t have to give up playtime to keep your home clean. Get a handy little helper that can clean the floor at your command.

I’m talking about a robotic vacuum cleaner.

The most popular brands –Roomba, Ecovacs, and Shark are considered as the best spring deals as they have lowered their prices just in time for spring-cleaning.

They will vacuum the pollen, dust, pet hair and food crumbs off your floor and some can even mop.

Read on for the best spring deals and discounts available right now.


Roomba 960 vs 980
People used to think that Roomba is an expensive brand. That’s no longer the case.

While they still have some premium robot vacuum cleaners – in terms of both price and performance–they also sell some pretty affordable vacuum bots.

Prices of top of the line Roombas like the 980, 960 and the 890 have been trending downwards for a while now.

This spring, both the 960 and 890 have been steeply discounted – you can get either for under $500.

The Roomba 690, the most popular iRobot vacuum, has gotten the biggest cut. You can get it for less than $300!

All these models come with varying capabilities. But all of them will vacuum your hard floor and carpeting. They also come with WiFi connectivity and voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant.

If you’ve ever wanted a Roomba but thought they were too expensive, here’s your chance.



Ecovacs robotic vacuums and mops have always been the best for those who are looking for a budget no-frills robot vacuum/mop.

They’ve gotten even cheaper.

The best value model right now is the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S. Its price has fallen by $100.

For less than $200, you get a robot vac with powerful suction, 120 minutes of run time, Alexa compatibility, and remote app control.

It’s necessarily a Roomba for less than half the price.


Shark ION

Shark prices their robot vacuums in the mid ranges; around $200-$400. If you are looking for an affordable robot vacuum with a decent offering of smart features, you can’t go wrong with a Shark ION.

The most discounted model this spring is the SHARK ION R75 with a more than $150 price cut.

It has most of the smart features of a premium robot vacuum, including Alexa compatibility, smart navigation, and app control.

Cleaning performance is not too bad, either. Dual side brushes and a helix brushroll make easy work of pet hair, dander, dust, and any other debris on the floor or carpet.

Robot Vacuums are Cheaper – and Smarter – Than Ever Before

Roomba get price cuts

Roombas are no longer the only game in town. Cheaper brands have materialized everywhere. They cost way less but clean your floor almost as well as a pricier robot vacuum.

Even Roombas themselves have gotten cheaper.

Unless you really enjoy pushing a vacuum across your floor every day or even several times a day, you no longer have an excuse for not buying a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Some of the advanced features that were exclusive to premium brands have become standard in almost all robot vacuums.

Need a robot vacuum that you can give voice commands to via Alexa or Google Assistant? You can get one for around $200.

Smart mapping and navigation, WiFi connectivity, auto-recharge, scheduling, and app control are also available in most budget robot vacuums.

Where to Get the Best Spring Deals

best deal

Many brick and mortar stores have some good deals on robot vacuums. But if you want the best deals, go online and specifically, Amazon.

Not only are you likely to find the deepest discounts there, but there’s also the advantage of variety.

You can find just about any robot vacuum you want on Amazon from high-end Roombas to budget brands like Eufy, Shark, Housmile, and BobSweep.

To get an idea of how these lesser known brands compare to popular name brands like Roomba, read our latest comparison between BobSweep and Roomba vacuums.

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