Joy For All robot cat

Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Robot Pet Gifts To Put Under the Christmas Tree

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Joy For All robot cat

If you are still wondering what present to give to your kids this Christmas, how about a cute robot pet?

They have probably been bugging you for a pet, swearing they will take the best care of it. But it’s not always possible to get your kids pets. In most cases, they are too young to take care of them or you might be living in a place that doesn’t allow pets.

This holiday, surprise them with a robot pet. It’s close enough to what they have been asking for without requiring them to feed or clean after it.

Thanks to tech advancements, robot pets have become quite realistic. They can bark, meow, scratch their heads (or ask to be scratched), play fetch and many other imitation tricks. Some like the Furreal puppy can even be walked just like a real puppy.

In other words, a robot pet will be loads of fun for your kids.

Robot pets are not just for kids. There are also companion robot pets usually for the elderly. They give them the warmth and companionship of a realistic pet without the hassles of taking care of an actual pet.

Here are the best pet robots to gift your loved ones this Christmas. For a comparison of all robot pets we have reviewed, see our full buying guide.

1. WowWee ChiP Robot Dog

Best robot puppy Christmas gift for kids
WowWee Chip Robot dog

Price: About $150

The WowWee ChiP robot dog comes with an intelligent and affectionate personality. He responds to touch and sound. Scratch his cheeks and he makes excited noises. When you touch his head, he will sit or lie down. When you touch his nose he will go sniffing around the room.

ChiP comes with a smart bracelet that you put on your kid’s arm. The bracelet allows ChiP to recognize his owner. With the Bluetooth bracelet on, the pet follows the wearer around like a real puppy. The bracelet also contains buttons to trigger various reactions from the puppy.

This puppy comes with a special ball for playing fetch. The ball contains sensors that allow CHiP to find it when it’s thrown.

2. Zoomer Robot Kitty

Best robot cat Christmas gift for kids

Best robot cat: Zoomer Kitty robot cat

Price: Less than $100

If your kid leans more towards cats, get this cute orange tabby called Whiskers.

Whiskers is orange and white with silver whiskers. Just like ChiP she has plenty of tricks to keep your kids entertained.

She responds with purring when you touch her ears and cheeks. She also has eyes that can track your movements and can produce several sounds including a cute meow.

Whiskers can dance and follow your kids around on its small wheels. She can also jump to reach the special ball on a string that’s included in the package.

3. Zoomer Interactive Puppy

Best robot pet gift for boys

Zoomer Interactive robot puppy training

Price: Around $250

Zoomer puppy is much more interactive and realistic than the Zoomer kitty, hence the higher price tag. Like Whiskers, Zoomer puppy walks on wheels. This allows to him to move quickly on all types of floors including hardwood, tiles and carpeting.

The puppy is packed with plenty of tricks and he can learn even more with training. He can sit down, speak, shake a paw, rollover and bark.

You can interact with him by talking, gestures and touch. Scratch his bellow and he barks with excitement.

The Zoomer puppy is designed for kids 5 years and older. He can hear multiple languages – English, Spanish and French.

4. FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo My Walkin’ Pup Pet

Best robot pet gift for girls

FurReal Puppy Friends robot pup interacting

Price: Around $100

This robot pet is straight out of princess movies with its cute purple collar, pink bow and white soft fur. The fur makes this pet look and feel very realistic.

The best part about the Furreal puppy is that you can take her on walks. She comes with a leash with buttons to make her to move or stop.

Other cute tricks include barking, sitting down, tilting her head when you pet her and wagging her tail when she’s excited.

5. JoyForAll Golden Pup and Silver Cat

Best robot pet gifts for the elderly

Joy For All robot dog

Price: Around $100 each

These two robot pets are not as active as the Zoomer, Furreal and WoWee pets. They are more for cuddling rather than running around with.

They have soft and realistic fur, making them perfect for cuddling. The cat purrs and the dog barks when petted. They even have tiny heartbeats.

If you have an elderly friend or member of the family who sometimes feels lonely, get one of these pets for them. They’ll appreciate the warmth and company of the pets.

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