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Funniest Robot Vacuum Videos Ever: Our Top 10 Faves

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Funniest Robot Vacuum Videos

Unless the robot was purposefully made to be funny, robots are usually the opposite of funny. They are functional, practical machines that seem to be getting terrifyingly good.

Sometimes, however, unintended funny moments happen amidst all the seriousness. Here are the ten funniest ones involving robot vacuums. Unsurprisingly, a good number of them involve pets and robot vacuums.

1. The one that screams when it bumps into things

This one is funny or disturbing, depending on your perspective towards inanimate objects with human screams.

Michael Reeves programmed a Roomba to scream and shout expletives when it bumps into objects. The real fun/horror starts at 3.30 minutes in.

2. The one that gives free rides

Ever wished you could get an easy ride from the living room to the kitchen on your Roomba?

Well, these cats are living your dream. Enjoy this compilation of cats hovers boarding Roombas.

3. The new playmate to the dog

Watch a husky interact with his suspicious new friend, a Eufy robot vacuum. Like most dogs, Gohan – that’s the dog’s name –is at first suspicious and even a little bit nervous about the vacuum.

But he soon realizes it’s not a threat.

4. The one that cleans (or tries to clean) dog poop

I bet this wasn’t so funny to the homeowner. The Roomba tries so hard to clean the dog poop, only to spread it further.

It must have been fun to clean that Roomba afterward.

5. The one that also tries to clean dog poop

Another valiant vacuuming attempt went wrong. Pet owners who also own a robot vacuum beware.

6. The one with more cats

Another funny compilation of enviable cats riding robot vacuums. Do you think a Roomba can handle 140lbs?

7. More cats

8. The one that spooks cats

This one doesn’t ride the robot. Instead, it treats it with more suspicion and hostility. I think part of the reason the cat is spooked is that the vacuum is noisier than most robot vacuums.

That’s something to keep in mind when you are shopping for a robot vacuum. Your pet will appreciate something less intrusive.

9. The one with the baby

If you can’t hitch a ride on a Roomba, at least your baby can.

10. More babies

A longer compilation of babies having a blast with robot vacuums. Maybe iRobot should add a cat/baby ride mode to their Roombas.


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