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Foldimate Laundry Robot Promises to Fold Your Clothes: Well, Does it?

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Robots can perform a variety of tasks, and they are necessary in some cases. The robotics industry is continually developing, and we see new robots hitting the market regularly. The Foldimate Laundry Robot is the new kid on the market, and it promises to fold your clothes.

The laundry-folding robot was recently revealed at CES 2019, but it differs significantly from other robots. It is a giant machine, and there are still reservations if it can do the job. The following is a review of this machine to establish if it is worth owning in your home.

Significance Of Robotic Technology

There are many effective robotic cleaners selling today that are sleek and can make our lives simple. For example, you can check the Roomba I7+ Review and see how robotic technology can help us perform tiresome routine tasks.

There are certain chores at home such as cleaning the floors and carpets that are unavoidable. Such tasks can use robot technology to make our lives easy. There are also specific tasks that are manageable though boring, and they also need robot technology.

Folding laundry is a hated chore to many people, and robotic technology is making inroads in such areas. However, can you pay $1,000 to buy a giant robot that can fold your laundry? You need to ask this question before you decide to buy this machine.

There are also other things that you should know about the laundry-folding robot like its features. It is also essential to know the strengths and weaknesses of the robot so that you do not regret after parting with your hard earned cash.

Features of The Laundry-Folding Robot

A laundry-folding robot is a huge machine that looks like a heavy duty office printer. It is a tall, boxy thing with a feeder tray where you put your pants and tops for folding. If you expect to see a robot with hands that can fold your clothes, then this new machine can disappoint you.

It does not appear like other typical household robots that perform various tasks like cleaning. The folding machine instead seems like a washing machine and not fit for the purpose it is should serve. Its appearance may not appeal to your interests on the first glance.

The other thing is that the robot does not pick clothes for folding as you may expect it to. In other words, the process of folding the clothes is not effortless like many people may think for an appliance worth $1,000. You should place the clothes one by one through the feeder tray where it nicely folds and then dispatches them from the other end.

However, the process appears to be fun compared to what you do when sorting your laundry. For a machine of this magnitude, the standard is a low bar since the users expect it to do all the sorting and folding of the clothes. The clothes also come out much neater than when one folds them, and this again is a bit low bar.

FoldiMate Company says its robot which looks like a small washing machine can handle 25 items in about five minutes. However, the drawer that dispenses folded clothes can release them in figures of between 10 and 15. As such, you may not leave the robot unattended for a long time.

Other robots use artificial intelligence, and they can operate without any supervision. Other robotic devices use remote controllers, and you do not need to monitor their operations. If you expect this kind of functionality on the Foldimate, then you are in for a big disappointment.

Foldimate Machine Size

The machine is too big, and it is suitable for commercial purposes particularly in hotels and Laundromats. These places handle large volumes of laundry, and the robot can be necessary.

The machine can cover considerable space in your room. If you live in an apartment with limited space, then the folding device might not be worth the investment. When you know that your house is small, then why bothers yourself with buying something that falls below standard expectations.

When people opt to buy robotic devices for home use, they consider their functionality. When your family is small, at times, you need to contend with the chore of folding clothes after washing. You may create problems by acquiring the Foldimate robot since you may end up facing challenges to clean your house. It may also be too heavy to carry should you decide to change your place of residence.

The Foldimate robot is not suitable for home purposes unless you have ample space in your house with a standalone laundry room. The machine can also be ideal for large families with heavy loads of laundry, not small families.

Foldimate laundry folding machine

Folding Robot Is Limited

The other major issue about the robot is that it is ill-equipped and it cannot handle all types of laundry. For instance, the robot cannot handle smaller items like socks and underwear. The robot also cannot handle different fabrics like denim and cotton if they are too thick.

The robot cannot handle items like chenille and terrycloth so you will need to fold these personally. It defies logic that you have a robot designed to fold your clothes, but you end up performing the same task. The essence of being a robot gets lost the moment you operate the machine.

The Foldimate cannot fold items like fitted sheets,  you have to do those yourself. In other words, this device does not make your life easy like Roomba robots that do all the work while you relax. Apart from failing to meet the expectations, you also need to put your effort into the operations of the machine.

Cost VS. Benefit

The Foldimate robot is not worth the value of its price since it cannot perform all folding tasks. When you end up completing the work that it should perform, then it is pointless to purchase it in the first place. The company is planning to launch the product in late 2019 and with a target price of $980. The machine is best suited for repeated laundry in a commercial application rather for a family home with various types of clothing and bedding being washed regularly.

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