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CES 2019: The Robot Invasion Is Now

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Robot technology is prevalent in areas related to floor vacuuming and other related tasks like cleaning. Many robots use artificial intelligence, and they can operate without supervision. Robotic household products can make our lives easier in many ways since they can do various chores at home while we take care of other things. There is a good chance we may even get to relax more.

Robot vacuums, for example, consist of cutting edge technology, and they can operate independently without any assistance. The vacuum cleaners have multiple sensors, and they do all the work for you while you perform something else.

Robot technology continues to develop to cover other essential sectors in our lives. Robots will be smarter and cooler than ever in the coming years. Consumer Electronics ShowCES 2019 expo highlighted some exciting news including cool robotics startups that are working on different niche applications.

Many companies are working on developing robots for health care as well as awareness technology. The developments range from robot mops to other advanced technology that can act as human companions. There are different types of new robots showcased at CES 2019 that can greet people and can also interact with them. 

The Future Of The Robot Industry

The robotics industry is transforming, and many startup companies are designing robots with companionship in mind. The developers believe that robots can offer company to people when they are lonely. Other robots are for educational purposes and they also have special designs.

There are also service robots that are designed to help people in businesses as well as public places like airports. The progress made in the entire robotic industry illustrates the level of commitment to deliver the perfect robotic solution in the real world. The following are some of the leading robots that attendees witnessed at CES 2019.

CES conference attendees


Lovot is a new companion robot developed by a Japanese startup, Groove X. according to Kaname Hayashi, the founder of Groove X, Lovot is a robot that is designed to cure loneliness. The robot is cute, and it can provide companionship to lonely individuals.

Loneliness is not good for human beings since it can affect their mental as well as physical health. For instance, it can lead to stress and other conditions like depression. The new robot, Lovot looks like a fleecy baby, and it is puppy-eyed, and it can independently move around using retractable wheels.

The robot can use sound to interact with you together with touch and physical movements. The primary design of this robot is for you do develop affection for it. The moment you fall in love with the robot, then it can help cure your loneliness.


KiKi is another companion robot that is specially designed to give you companionship. KiKi is a stationary desk friend that loves petting. The robotic pet is a product by Zoetic AI, and it resembles a cat, and it also has feline features that are distinctive.

KiKi is a perfect pal since she can positively respond if you pet her. When you are in your office or home, you can enjoy her companionship, and you would not feel lonely or bored. The robotic pet can give you the much-needed company if you are working in a poor environment.

Educational Robots

For instance, Softback uses robots to enhance education. There are different forms of robotic toys from Modi and Mabot which are both CES Innovation Award Honorees in 2019.  STEM robots are effective, especially among the younger generation.

The kids can learn science subjects quickly from robots since these are captivating and appeal to their interests. Children cannot concentrate for more extended periods, especially in a classroom setup. Therefore, STEM robots have unique designs that are attractive to kids. They can quickly learn by observing these robots.

Service Robots

Different service robots are designed to help you in public places. Airports are usually busy places, and you may need information that can help you to navigate your way. Service robots can assist different people to go about their business smoothly.

LG also has an updated version of CLOi SuitBot that helps to reduce stress by supporting the lower body when lifting and bending. It also has other forms of robots that include CartBot, ServeBot as well as PorterBot. These robots draw on the latest AI, and they are designed to assist people to perform various tasks.

Automation through the use of robots will play a massive role in tomorrow’s workforce. Unlike other technological developments that replace people in the organization, the next generation robots will work alongside the people.

In other words, the new robots are designed to improve the lives of the workers while at the same time enhancing their work. In some instances, the workers are expected to perform multiple tasks, and this can be challenging. As such, robot technology comes in hand since it can help you complete some of the functions.

There are also other service type robots that can help you perform various functions. For example, ShopPal is a good shopping companion that can provide you with information about different things. The robot can give you information about different products in the shop and in some cases you can even ask it for directions.

The other service robot like FoldiMate is a companion that helps to fold your laundry. However, the robot does not pick clothes from the floor yet, but it helps you with laundry work. The good thing about service robots is that they can work alongside you and make your life simple.

Other Robots

There are also other robots such as autonomous vehicles that perform various purposes. Honda has the Predicting Action Of Human (PATH) Bot that can navigate its way through crowds. The robot uses sensors to make its way. There are also other robotic devices that can learn real-world scenes and these promise to outperform humans in reconstructing clear visions.

The latest innovations taking place in AI engineering means that there will be endless parades of new inventions in the future. New robots will hit the market, but you need to get information about them first. If you want to get more details about the new robots, you can keep checking this website the ultimate home for new robot inventions.

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