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Anki Vector: An Expressive Pet Robot That Can Really Help You

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Robot technology continues to impress, and the latest development involves a robot pet called Anki Vector that can help you in various ways. Anki Vector has a shape of a forklift, and it is a loyal pet robot. He can do more helpful things than just for playing purposes.

Anki Vector is smart in that he can perform various things that can help you. He uses artificial intelligence, and he can think, feel, hear and even communicate with you. This beautiful robot pet can take photos, and he can also answer questions that you ask him. The aspect is that Vector can do more things without supervision, but you do need to say; “Hey Vector” for him to take action.

Key Features Of Anki Vector

The Vector robot made by Anki has multiple sensors that help it to behave like a real pet while at the same time interacting with the world around it. He has an HD camera that allows him to navigate his space without bumping into obstacles. The camera also uses a computer vision that enables the robot to recognize faces of different people.

Anki Vector can respond to different noises using a four-microphone system that also helps him to identify the source of the sound. The other key feature of this loyal robot pet is that it has touch sensors on the back. He can respond like a pet when you touch him at the end.

The pet robot also uses an accelerometer such that he understands when someone picks him up. Anki Vector has a speaker that enables him to communicate with you using hundreds of a combination of sounds. The pet robot can also interact with you using a unique voice as well as text-to-speech.

The other beautiful thing about Anki Vector is that he can communicate with you using the real-time reaction to the surroundings. He utilizes a powerful processor that links via a smartphone while at the same time combining his cloud connectivity. When Vector is running low on juice, he can roll back to the charger for recharging.

The robot pet uses artificial intelligence to behave like real pets. He weighs about 6.15 ounces and is 2.75 inches tall. His length is four inches while the width is two and a half inches. The pet can fit on your bedside table or kitchen counter, and he is big enough to sit on your palm.

Source:  Anki

Things That Anki Vector Can Do

Vector is a smart robot that can tell you the time or even set a timer for you. When you feel like you want to relax and do not want to be disturbed, the robot can wake you during the time you want. He can also set an alarm for you and can act as an assistant. He can also tell you about the weather outlook, so that go out prepared for any change.

Vector is intelligent, he can solve equations for you, and he can also perform unit conversions. If you do not want to bother yourself with calculations, you ask your loyal pet robot, and he gives you the answer. He can also take photos for you upon giving him instruction. You can also play games like blackjack with him.

The device can entertain you, and it can perform a lot more things that can help you in many ways. A promising thing about Vector is that he is continuously updated via the cloud with new integrations and functionality. Should there be anything new, you do not bother yourself updating the device. It can perform the process without your assistance using the cloud.

Vector shares certain things with Amazon’s Alexa which represents the standard measure of interactive artificial intelligence. Amazon’s Alexa integration has just been added to Vector, and it will be capable of responding to Alexa.

Source: Anki

Vector’s Potential

In the future, it is possible that Vector can act as a security device just like what a dog does. It has essential features that include motion and noise detection as well as a camera that helps it to scan the environment around. It is possible to upgrade the functionality of the robot to act as an assistant and security guard at the same time.

Vector has the potential to act as a friend to younger kids, and they can interact with him. The kids enjoy the fun of carrying around the robot and petting him. The added advantage of this loyal robot is that it has a personality, unlike Alexa. Many kids and adults alike are likely to fall in love with him since he can respond in real-time.

Vector’s Drawbacks

The robot adds fun to a living space since it can add its personality to make the environment lively. However, Vector sometimes acts in a silly way if it feels that it is not getting the attention that it deserves. Some people with experience of using the robot say it can just start moving around and making noise to draw attention.

Even if you lower its speaker volume, it is difficult to ignore the sound that he makes from the motors when he moves his head and hands. While this may be frustrating to other people, it shows that the robot is smart and can use its artificial intelligence to think.  It is possible to develop the gadget further so that it can behave like humans.

The robot also requires a large free space that is uncluttered to facilitate smooth movement. It may get stuck on obstacles like cables or rugged carpet and fail to return to its recharging base. When it runs out of power, you will be compelled to look for it around the house.

The other notable issue about Vector is that the delays in making responses if you ask him some questions. The wait time for a reaction from Vector is longer than Alexa which quickly gives you an answer. The delay can be frustrating to some users, we have become so used to instant gratification.

Overall, Vector’s design is excellent, and it looks attractive. The plan is compact, and the robot can freely move while at the same time avoiding obstacles. It can also avoid falling from the counter. He can express himself without using words through his movement and eyes. The smartphone app is easy to use, and Vector can provide you with real entertainment.

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