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Roomba 980 Features

Welcome to Robots In My Home

If you are shopping for robotic vacuum cleaners, robot pool cleaners, smart home speakers or any type of smart home gear, then you’ve come to the right place!

RobotsInMyHome.com‘s team of passionate product reviewers and writers are dedicated to keeping you on top of the fast-moving world of consumer robots and smart home technology.

What’s On This Site

Honeywell 1005/W1 Wi-Fi Smart Touchscreen Thermostat Scheduling  Teardown of Amazon Echo

iLife v3s Cleaning Hardwood

On this site and in our email newsletter, we review and compare the latest consumer robots, robotic appliances, personal AIs and smart home gadgets.

We publish four types of articles on this site:

Product Reviews of the best-selling home robots and smart home gear

Buying Guides that cover our top picks in categories like robot vacuums, smart home speakers, & WiFi thermostats

Which Bot Wins?our ‘robot wars’-style head-to-head product comparisons; and,

Learning Center: packed with dozens of educational articles & how-to guides related to consumer robotics and smart home automation.

In addition to publishing independent reviews and articles, we love to interact with our readers and to answer your questions.

Feel free to drop a comment or a question on any page – or send us  a message via our Contact Page, and we’ll reply, usually within a day or two.

Our Promise To You

We take our facts and opinions seriously, around here.

All of our reviewers and writers are given strict ethical guidelines and detailed instructions on how to review new products without outside bias.

We also hire independent fact-checkers to double-check everything we write.

Together, the RobotsInMyHome team promises that we will always strive to do the following:

Publish our own independent opinions: the good, the bad and the ugly

Report verified facts

Ignore outside influence from business partners and manufacturers (unless to correct facts)

Be clear about how we earn a living (short story: we use affiliate links – learn more, below).

In every review and article we publish, our goal is to give you an honest, practical & independent opinion on the latest gear, so you can make up your own mind if it’s worth your investment, or not.

We write our articles as if we’re trying to explain what we know, to a friend. In addition to covering the typical features and specs, we answer practical questions like:

Does this thing really work as promised?

Can I control it with my smartphone?

How does this gadget work within my smart home environment, with other devices?

What are the downsides?

How long does the battery last?

Finally, we promise to listen to you.

We don’t mind being corrected – in fact, we encourage it.

After all, sharing our experiences is kind of the whole purpose of having an online review site.

How We Earn A Living With This Site

These days, it’s hard to know who to trust online.

There are lots of sneaky ways for a website like ours to earn a living. Some of them are downright dirty.

For example, here are some of the ways we don’t make money with this site… that most other product review sites do:

Publish sponsored posts, which are articles written by or sponsored by a manufacturer.

Sell our mailing list.

Change our product selections, ratings and reviews to favor products and suppliers that have affiliate programs.

On RobotsInMyHome.com, we keep our business model simple so you always understand our motives. So here’s the drill:

The ONLY time we get paid is when you click on an affiliate link or on an advertisement.  Period.

How Affiliate Links Work

When you click on an affiliate link, we may earn a small portion of the price you paid as our commission.

Clicking on an affiliate link doesn’t affect the price you pay, however.

Affiliate links are scattered throughout this site. They are usually easy to spot (look at the outbound URL).

We also post disclaimers everywhere to remind you, just in case.

That said, I want to be crystal-clear:

Our affiliate relationships do NOT affect our opinions. We have editorial controls in place to prevent bias in our reviews. For example, our writers and reviewers:

Do not know if the product they are reviewing has an affiliate program.

Are paid the same flat fee for each article.

Never get a share of revenues earned on affiliate links in their article.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our new site.

I look forward to sharing what we learn as the home robotics and smart home markets continue to evolve.

John Davis

Editor – Writer